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1 ohm stable 4 channel amp

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hey wats guys im new to this site and was wondering if there was an amp any of u could recommend to me. currently im using a audiopipe amp and ive blown 2 already so i dont think that they can handle the load comin to it. i think its around 1.6 or somthin like that. so i was thinkin that a 1 ohm stable 4 channel amp would be good. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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The first question is why?

Second question is all 4 channels @ 1ohm?

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not many cars can get me to pluggin my ears but this one.......damn. I mean the first minute is ok but that thing just really starts digging deeper and deeper in your earhole till you cant stand it no more. Seems like it does it with relative ease....16 12's on 8 amps.........gotta love it. :)

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But audison lrx 4.1k and the vrx 4.300 are 1ohm stable

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i have a 1500W Audiopipe 4 channel amp and wat i have runnin on that is

1. Components in each door

2. 3 sets of tweeters in the pillars ABD

3. one set of 4" speakers in the C pillar

now I see what the problem is, you're pushing 12 speakers off of 4 channels. I think the better solution would be to buy enough amps to run all the speakers the way they should be run.

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