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Tahoe System Rebuild 2009 is ALL BUT FINISHED and PLAYING!!!! UPGRADE to RF P2 8's 12/08/2009!

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nope, amps arent strapped. You dont have to strap RF amps for them to all play the same power level. Its not master/slave master/slave master slave etc........its master/slave/slave/slave/slave...(in my case 1 master 7 slaves) none of them strapped just pass thru's and thats it. Master amps freq, subsonic, bassknob and gain all control the rest of the slaves with JUST pass thru's. RF FTW on that one :)

That 1 master and all slaves would be dream to have.

Team Ampere Audio

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the a-pillars look sick!

I was wondering how it was going to be flush mounted.

did they do a whole new a-pillar or just mod the one ray made?

I thought you were his personal stalker. he said it right in the videos, he sent them his pillars that ray did and they modified them

and RF should be making steve 1 off stuff, I think he is their biggest promoter right now. not that they really need it but still

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After seeing the video, it just makes me go back to what I was originally thinking. If Rockford Fosgate can make the T15k limited edition amps, if they can make a 1-off set of 4" mids, why cant they just custom make 4 badass 18"s?

99 Ford Explorer Sport

Alpine 9886

Infinity 7541a

JL 12w3

Viper 771xv

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Isn't the cover above them made of metal? :huh:

My concern would be hitting a big bump or something and having the batteries "jump" up and contact that metal plate above them.

It's a slim chance because of the weight and the bussbars holding them all together, but meade plays it safe on everything else so I just wondered why he made an exception this time.

they are seriously in there so tight that it would take the worlds most devastating accident, complete with rollover to make those things jump. Even then im not so sure they would :D Even if they did, its only about 1/2" clearance and teh positives have all been covered with some PVC Membrane so they would never spark if for some reason they did jump. They certainly could never jump enough to fall out (even if i rolled my truck). You couldnt get them to fall out anyway, there isnt any room for them too. I didnt "make an exception on playing it safe", if you think about it, they are boxed in and really cant go anywhere. Honestly bro, if i took a jack and placed it on the middle battery (for instance), im pretty sure the truck would go up before the entire rack of batts (connected with bussbar) would move out of position. Im pretty confident its safe or i wouldnt drive with it like that.

Thanks man!! :)

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Steve, tell your boys at RF to mass produce a set of 4 inch comps like those.... I know your are not a comp set, But there is a limited market out there for the 4inch component set as far as choices go. My vehicle in particular has very wide A pillars, and I have seen custom made pods like your for the FJ cruiser... I just don't want to run some JL s that are years old, and have no warranty, I love those speakers they made you. I would certainly buy a set if Rf made 'em.

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser Voo Doo Blue

my upgrades and "build" thread.

My Kulicki Box Build

-Alpine 9887 head unit, KTX-100EQ imprint-( sound quality for dummies! ). - MB Quartz 3.5" in back pillars

-Sundown Audio SAX100.4 - JL Audio 3 way 6.5" component set XR653-CSi ( doors and dash )

-JL Audio 2 way Component set XR650CSi

- Alpine MRD - M1005 - Alpine Type - R 12" subs -- 2 - 12" s in a Pete kulicki designed box.

-Alpine High speed Ipod cable, and KCA-SC100 with Sirius sat. radio

-All wiring is Stinger 12 gauge and HPM Level 3 RCAs, KnuKonceptz Kolossus Power and ground and Big done in 1/0,

-270 sq. ft. of Damplifier Pro, 36 sq. ft. of Overkill Pro, 6 full sheets of Luxury Liner, and a gallon of spectrum-

-2 Powermaster D680 Powercells in back

FINALLY !!! I GOT IT METERED ON THE TERMLAB !!! I did a 140.2 at 42 hertz.

Shoehorn, BFH, forklift,duct tape and some zip ties
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