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DC Sound Lab Jeep Part III - <154.4 Bass Race>

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Here is the Teaser thread for the Jeep part III that Mr.P and I are tweaking on.


1991 Jeep Cherokee

Current Upgrades:

- Vented Hood

- Tripple Iraggi 300A alts

- 6 runs of 1/0

- 10" speakers in doors

- 6.5s +tweets in the Kicks

- Rockford 360.2

- Four NGT G31s

Past Setups:

Jeep Part I - Two 15" level 4 15s sealed 5cuft

Jeep Part II - Four 15" level 4 15s in 9cuft @28hz

We picked up this sick fucking wood local and hope it will perform as good as it looks :D its 1" 18ply Birch grabbed 8 sheets. Oh and btw- it was cheaper than the 6ply .75" from lowes/home depot.



I'll keep this thread udpated as things happen, and maybe throw up some current pix of alts and front stage.

Thanks for looking :good:


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bah...I figured you two knuckle heads would be done with this by now....:D

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