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Nathan @ XSpower

XS Power Batteries Pics

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Here is a pair of 3100's stuffed where a 2700 was a tight fit :lol:


Here is the rest of them waiting to go in once I am ready for them


Then a pair of 2700's for the wifes truck.


And these in the bed tucked away ( can't find a pic of them in the truck for some reason)


Designing, building, and shipping boxes. Yahoo IM - kingsuv00If the listening level is too loud, please inform the driver, so he can promptly pull over, and let you out.

not many cars can get me to pluggin my ears but this one.......damn. I mean the first minute is ok but that thing just really starts digging deeper and deeper in your earhole till you cant stand it no more. Seems like it does it with relative ease....16 12's on 8 amps.........gotta love it. :)

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not installed yet but heres some pics







now that deserves a shirt for sure when they come in.. .i mean look at that cute lil dog

2002 civic

2- 12in dc lvl5s

1- crescendo 3kwp ( 1 more on the way)

1- stock honda alt

4-xs d3100s

3-asa300.2 amps

6- PB 4XL's

4-PB l-3h tweets

and a bunch of other sh!t

the build


Youtube channel


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9tztau.jpgxs power FTMFW!

(2001 Dodge Durango R/T)

1- XS Power D2700

1-Alpine CDE-HD149BT (Head Unit)

1 pr.- Focal Polyglass 165v30 (Front Stage)

1 pr.- Hybrid Audio Technologies C61-2 (Rear Fill)

1-Kenwood Excelon XR-1S (Sub Amp)

1-Kenwood Excelon XR-4S (Mids-N-Highs Amp)

2- JL 10 W3v3-4 (Subs)

-2.3 Cubes tuned to 32 hz

1-1/0 ga. & Big III in 1/0

140 @45 hz db drag legal

(2008 Toyota Highlander Limited ---build in the works)

1- Kenwood DDX470 (Head Unit)

1 pr.- JL C3-650 (Front Stage)

1 pr.- JL C2-525 (Rear Fill, may upgrade to 6.5" C2 or C3 instead)

1- JL XD-400/4 (Mids-N-Highs Amp)

1- JL XD-600/1 (Sub Amp)

1- XS Power D3400

1- JL 10w3v3-2 (Sub)

1- JL 2 Ga. Amp Kit

1- BIG 3 in 1/0

1- self-built Fiberglass sub enclosure

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