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well i cant believe i am actually a winner of SOTM. i was JUST going through the past builds and remember checking them all out and voting. i learned pretty much everything from SMD and members builds. its crazy what people come up with. anyways i want to give a HUGE thanks to everybody that voted for me, it means alot you would prob never know ha. ive never won anything and never competed in anything like this in my 31 years living so it feels good as hell to say the least. then on top of that i have to give another HUGE thanks to Jacob fuller at Sundown for putting up suck a sick prize, or trophy as i say. it also means alot because i am on a prety tight budget and was wanting to upgrade from the SAE1000D so this made my summer or more for sure ha. here are a few pics, some a bit older some newer but now in the rebuild stage to get the sundown SAZ1500D in a nice place to chill and upgrade from a level 4 15" to xl 15" :yahoo:

heres my trophy pics hahaaa

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and on to the new build


ok thats it if ya wanna see more folow my build hahahaaa http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/50219-dan-aka-crackers-bonne-trying-to-get-things-ready-for-the-saz1500d-and-15-dc-xl-to-finally-meet/page__st__200

and sub my youtube ha http://www.youtube.com/user/jackiedan04

thansk to Mr Meade also for having this place for a guy like me in a smaller populated area to learn and meet other car/audio people :drinks:


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grats man!

Legal TL scores145.6 on the dash sealed up in the low 40hz area with the port out145.5 on the dash sealed up @30hz with the port inless then 1k clamped on a 3.5k!

Why would you EVER WANT flex?
huh?...flex is what can make the lows lower and more air being pushed correct?

me_zps0fb5a5b4.jpgMy FeedbackJeep-BuildlogPT LOSER buildlog

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haha you already started a new build

can't wait to see the outcome :popcorn:

haha yessir getting my new box glassed up today. drying a bit now :ehh:

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