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So... the SA-8 is pretty badass... but I want something louder.

Starting on this project :



Yep... a Neo 8 with a 3" coil and 22mm linear one-way excursion (that is XBL^2 that you see) and x-mech of 27mm on the frame I'll be utilizing. Will handle around 1000-watts RMS without much trouble thermally and mechanically. Tooling new spiders and cones just for this driver.

Going to see how it turns out... but simulation predicts motor force more than 300% higher than the SA-8 if all turns out according to plan.

I am designing it for myself primarily as I want to do 157s with four 8s... but I think others will enjoy them too =) Pricing will be a bit higher than an NS v.2 due to the Neo -- but it is a very unique driver that will be worth it to some folks.

Oh yah... the motor will bolt to standard 12 and 4-spokes as well so I can build these as 10s, 12s, 15s, and 18s as well.

Motor is a pretty small diameter (~6.3") so will also make a fantastic Street SPL woofer as it won't occupy a ton of room in the enclosure.

NO ETA for production or prototype just yet due to the new cone and spider toolings... but I will update this thread as things come along !

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