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  1. for those that don't know and most probably don't. Dave, aka Deaf Dave (couldn't hear a damn thing out of one ear and didn't mind we called him that) is the one that built the very first version of the SMD website and forums. Me and him started all of this from nothing. He moved away and moved on a long time ago but still will always be a big part of how it all went down in the early days. 3 weeks ago he told me he had given up on his treatment because he was tired of 6 years of battling cancer. The doc told him he has about a year. I can't believe it happened so fast....damn. I'm still in shock
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  2. Let the upper part of the trimpanel is opened to help with airflow. Along with the big holes on the sides and gap around the amps. Should cool pretty decently. If I have to add more fans later I have the spots and room. Still have to cut the lower part to match the angles. Tempted to leave it honestly lol
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