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  1. Off to Sea World with my girl and her kid. Should be an awesome day

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    2. WastedTalent


      Why? Horse needs to do some damn work and push the effin cart. Maybe it's tired of pulling it. Lmfao. I know what ya mean, but think he's been with her for a bit... not like it's been a week.

    3. Karkov


      I think there was a thread a while back where the real dad is still in the picture so that changes things.

    4. WastedTalent


      Ahh. I missed that one. But in any case, still think if been with her for a bit, shouldn't be "her" kid. Just my opinion. I'm off to go get a haircut.

  2. Working away on refinishing this chest for my Mom's Christmas gift

  3. Man, it is painful to be a Tampa Bay Bucs fan this year..

    1. Karkov


      Well I'm sure they could win a game if they would just play the Vikings. Fucking Vikings...fml

  4. Happy Friday Bassheads!

    1. mrd6


      gotta love the Friday before finals! I've got some work to do haha

    2. Wood
  5. Happy Friday Bassheads!

  6. 75 degrees and overcast out. Perfect day to wax the car!

    1. SLAYER1805


      Come do mine next :)

    2. Soccerballzs


      Man 90% rain here on Wednesday. Enjoy the 75'.

    3. David Bailey

      David Bailey

      Yeah, I'm in Orlando and it is a nice,cool day. Wax is done, car is like a mirror. Now off to my real job :(

  7. Hey Monday...Blow me!

  8. Awake before 8am on a Sunday just so I can fabricate some speaker rings for my doors..SMH

    1. Raptorman


      I would get up at 7am and go back inside at 10pm pretty much every day when I was building my wall, heh.

    2. DubNDodge


      You pounded out that wall. I saw you mention something about a wall, then BAM! You had a wall in your car within a few days it seem lol

    3. Sergeant_Skyrim


      Wish I didn't work so late on the weekends so that I could wake up early and get my stuff worked on lol. Kudos to you for doing it so early

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