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  1. Off to Sea World with my girl and her kid. Should be an awesome day

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    2. WastedTalent


      Why? Horse needs to do some damn work and push the effin cart. Maybe it's tired of pulling it. Lmfao. I know what ya mean, but think he's been with her for a bit... not like it's been a week.

    3. Karkov


      I think there was a thread a while back where the real dad is still in the picture so that changes things.

    4. WastedTalent


      Ahh. I missed that one. But in any case, still think if been with her for a bit, shouldn't be "her" kid. Just my opinion. I'm off to go get a haircut.

  2. Working away on refinishing this chest for my Mom's Christmas gift

  3. I have ordered 3 times from him. Great service every time, and he gave me quick e-mail support with any questions I had. I just wish I had more money and more projects so I could order more from him!
  4. Man, it is painful to be a Tampa Bay Bucs fan this year..

    1. Karkov


      Well I'm sure they could win a game if they would just play the Vikings. Fucking Vikings...fml

  5. Allergies.. I can't breathe, my eyes itch and my throat is like a desert.. Stupid fucking pollen.
  6. Happy Friday Bassheads!

    1. mrd6


      gotta love the Friday before finals! I've got some work to do haha

    2. Wood
  7. Happy Friday Bassheads!

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