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  1. An Anole lizard. They will drop their tails (which continue to wiggle and writhe) to distract predators. You know how I know? Because I am a....
  2. What my inner voice says when I swear to someone that I'm gonna' stop buying more audio gear:
  3. Sorry I'm late to the party... but my Chevy hasn't done this: ....yet. But the little Frontier that could? Oh yeah....
  4. Saw this gem today... And this dude. FL plates though- maybe he had a reason to be mad.
  5. Yellow. But holy crap this is a thing: http://www.ask.com/food/color-lemon-lime-gatorade-57609ec1784a6e35 But it is supposedly "Chartreuse" or some b/s girl word for a color. ....wtf am I doing??? /out
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