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  1. A couple weeks ago, they posted on Instagram that because of covid, manufacturer delays, and a death in the family, that they where only going to focus on 3 subwoofer series (their most popular ones, I can't remember exactly which ones off the top of my head) for a little while, until they get things straightened back up. Then it'll be business as usual. I've been waiting for their N7 midrange speaker to go back on sale, so I'm waiting too! Lol
  2. Welp, they don't have anything else I need, but these are some things to keep in mind for sure.
  3. That does sound like a pain in the ass bro! I'd be pissed too. I've been fortunate. I ordered that S4 and the Cyber 12k off droppin hz. I sent 2 emails total, just with little questions, nothing as serious as returns, and got responses rather quickly. It was kind of off putting that, when I ordered the 12k, it didn't say they didn't have it in stock, but no one did so I knew they didn't either (got it during a 20% off sale). A couple weeks later they updated the website to say predicted item back in stock middle of whatever month, or whatever it said, but none of the big websites got there's at that time, so I didn't even trip off them not having it either. When the big websites got them, I emailed the company, and I got an email back saying I should get mine in about 2 weeks. 2 weeks later, got it. So yeah, little weird things that definitely can be done better, but my experiences with them have been pretty positive. All I have to buy now....I think.... are the SALT 4's, an SMD octo fused block (going to get those from down4sound), some cheap NVX sound deadening from a different website, I can't think of the name right now, and that OM1-VM1-TM1 single din setup from WC car audio. Then I think I should be ready to start! Can't F'n wait!
  4. I saw those. It's that the same concept as bolting battery terminals to a board? Or is there any benefits of using a battery case?
  5. I've heard of JVF, never heard them in person and I definitely didn't know they where somewhat local. I saw on Instagram a while back, I think it was a van Phat Boyz did, full of DC Audio subs. It tripped me out because no other shop around here was messing with DC or really anything that wasn't JL, Fosgate, or Kicker for the most part. That thing looked like it slapped hard! The agm battery up front not connected, I've got 2 spots, so I could definitely do that. But what I'm nervous about is hooking up and running the stock electrical from a battery in a different spot. Like how much current do I need from the battery, 1 run off 1/0? 2 runs? Is just securing a board and bolting battery terminals to it to hook up the stock stuff sufficient? What about the ground, it's that needed? Is there anything I'm forgetting? I've watched the 2 YouTube videos I could find about it, both from the same dude. Maybe I'm just overthinking it
  6. I 100% agree! It seems like there's always some kind of agenda. Something is reported one way, then somewhere else reports the complete opposite. You can't believe anything anymore it seems
  7. Battery delete. I've still got some research to do on exactly how to accomplish it, but I think I have a pretty good idea. Still nervous though
  8. I've still got to buy food for it. Ordering that today. My experience with much, MUCH smaller lithium batteries is they prefer to eat slowly, so I'm going to get that 5 amp battery feeder. And yes, it has it's own room in my closet, I kissed it goodnight! My wife wouldn't let me put it in bed with us.
  9. Got this bad mammajamma today. Getting ever so close! If anyone has any tips, tricks, or any info/ do's & don'ts about going lithium that I might not know, any info is always appreciated!
  10. I've got an S4 for my upgrade. You like it huh? It is small, that's why I got it. Sounds pretty decent?
  11. Damn. That sucks man! My truck has been sitting for over a year with dead batteries.... that kind of scares me
  12. I follow them on Instagram. In a sea full of mediocrity of car audio shops around here, they look like they actually know what there doing. I'm going to install this one myself though. Hopefully I don't screw it up too bad
  13. Well, the way I see it, the SVR would do fine on that amp, or use the EVL; break it in on that amp and if you want as little more, that sub can handle more.
  14. This is what it looked like in San Fransisco all day today. Ash falling all over the place. It even somehow got darker throughout the day to the point we needed flashlights. Crazy to say the least
  15. Took advantage of labor day sales and snagged some more needed pieces. Slowly but surely, picking up all the pieces I need. I'm itching to start!
  16. Nice to see you making progress! Can't wait to see those DB's flexing! That's one sexy aero port my dude!
  17. Personally, I would go with the B2. Just my opinion though
  18. If I had to guess, the DS18 is so cheap because it probably lacks build quality and durability, and probably does right at, or just under RMS. That B2 Audio one is supposed to be good for quality, and I've heard Cerwin Vega subs, house speakers, and their big party type speakers, and they've always over delivered... granted, I've never been around any of their amplifiers. If you can shell out the little extra and get that Rockford Fosgate, I think that would be your best bet in my opinion as far as the "budget amplifiers" go.
  19. Did you have a particular budget in mind? Or just curious what would work? B2 has that one I sent you that's supposed to be good DS18 has a cheapo that will work https://skyhighcaraudio.com/candy-x4b-compact-full-range-class-d-4-channel-amplifier-1600-watts/ Ampere, I've heard nothing but good things https://www.down4soundshop.com/ampere-audio-aa-150-4/ Cerwin Vega has one, and they've been around forever https://www.down4soundshop.com/cerwin-vega-mobile-vcu84-600w-rms-4-channel-full-range-mini-amplifier/ Incriminator is good https://www.down4soundshop.com/ia3-4-4-channel-amplifier/ Only heard good things about the Rockford Fosgate 4 channel amps https://www.crutchfield.com/p_575P600X4/Rockford-Fosgate-Punch-P600X4.html?awcr=76828390441408&awdv=m&awkw=rockford+fosgate+p600x4&awmt=e&awnw=o&awat=&awug=43563&msclkid=476faf4e25c91295f855f01b55e73e2a And if you're eyeing another brand, just come back to the forum and ask. 9 times out of 10, someone here has had experience with them. Hope you find what you're looking for
  20. Yeah, this whole money and time thing is really keeping me from achieving my car audio goals as well. Just chipping away at it a little at a time. Learning as much as I can
  21. Not to be rude, but this topic is supposed to be in the "amplifiers" sub category.
  22. Pretty much any 600.4 amplifier I would assume would work fine. Here's one https://skyhighcaraudio.com/b2-rage-600-4/ But there's a whole bunch out there from different brands. Just look around on the internet and see what you find
  23. I would love to do something like this to my daughters minnie mouse power wheels car!
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