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  1. Has anyone mentioned that he was NOT linked to the shooting and was only arrested because the assault rifle was in him but and when asked nobody claimed it. And the reson nobody claimed it was because the owner, his head of security, had also been shot and was in the hospital.
  2. Wouldn't that affect tuning since sub displacement is most likely different? Either way, I'm sure you've considered that. And great builds by both of you so far.
  3. You are correct I did mess that up. One guy was not even hit, but the mother and daughter were both injured in the first shooting. The mother took rounds in the back.Regardeless, a white guy sure doesnt match Dorners description, neither does a mother and daughter delivering newspapers. I understand the urgency with which the police wanted to catch this guy, but before smashing into citizens trucks and opening fire, one would assume it to be a prudent decision to make a positive ID on the people in the vehicles. Just more proof that LAPD is a wild reckless department IMO. As for who started the fire, its very clear if you listen to the recordings from police scanners. The police started the fire. theres some of it, and theres more if you are keen with google. You can clearly here them discussing "preparing the burner", deploying the burner, confirming the house is indeed on fire etc.... Also I find it funny the while watching live coverage last night, it was kind of ironic that right about the same time they start saying they think the cabins on fire, all the media helicopters were then asked to fly higher and not zoom in on the cabin.... gotta make ya wonder just a bit. and really, it makes sense, if all the stuff Dorner said about how fucked up LAPD is, the easiest way to handle the situation is to make sure Dorner is dead, that way after a week or so, everyone will forget it ever happened, and nothing bad about the LAPD would be brought to light in Dorners trial. Think about it, almost makes a bit to much sense. And youre a tool for liking your own post. I understand that LAPD has issues...dirty cops scandals and such... But you realize they weren't lead on this..it was SanBernardino Sheriffs..my uncle one of them...his close friend was killed yesterday by the asshole in the cabin. They ask them to not zoom in so they don't show their tactical locations...and at the end of the day I don't give two shits if one of those cops put a bullet in that man or he did it himself... He killed that girl and her fiance for no reason...shot at Sherrifs deputies..injured one killed the other..POS got what he deserved. As for crooked cops they're pieces of shit too...but LAPD wasn't lead in Big Bear..not their juristiction and not the ones involved in the shootout. and yeah police started a fire...big whoop..they gased him and he wouldn't come out or give up so they used the armored bobcat...(look up SWAT Bobcat its cool) and used that to provide cover while they did. Good tactics...I wouldn't want to be lead going into that house against him..and they didn't need anymore dead LEO's. As for not zooming in to reveal their "tactical" locations, thats complete bullshit. So it was ok for their "tactical" positions to be zoomed in on and revealed for hours beforehand, but suddenly once they are going to set the house on fire, they need to conceal these positions? Bullshit. I am pretty sure Dorner was more then well aware he was surrounded, not to mention a majority of their perimeter was under the cover of trees, and only the property immediately surrounding the cabin was clear and visible. Dont try to beat me down here, Im glad its over and done with and happy Dorner wont continue on his spree, by the same token, I am disgusted at the blatant disrespect for our constitutionally granted rights exhibited here. If they can throw the bill of rights out the window for Dorner, and just kill him instead of bringing him to trial they can do it to anyone. Especially with our "great" POTUS and his new laws about being able to kill americans at will without due process if they are suspected of terrorist activity. Im not flying off the hook..I know your not approving of Dorners actions...and yeah he might have had info that would bring LAPD to their knees or whatever..all Im saying is that when it comes to law enforcement they are not all the same....Can you explain further on how to take him alive? They drove an armored bobcat up in there just so none of them got shot when they threw gas canisters into the cabin. He was shooting randomly out the windows and had already shot two deputies earlier...as far as if its Dorner it doesn't matter..the suspect inside already killed one cop wounded another. When someone is in a tactical advantage such as barricaded in a house..armed how do you take them alive? Even if it wasn't Dorner...t He was gassed and the cabin set on fire..if there was a time to come out with a white flag that would have been it....Im not saying fuck everyones rights but if he would've came out with his hands up unarmed they would have taken him into custody...the choice between life or death wasn't on the LEO's that was on him. Im not offended by anyones opinion and not trying to argue here..just joining in the discussion. I wanna know how you would take him alive?\ And i support good cops..im trying to become an officer one day myself...but LAPD..they are fucked up and I would never join their ranks. Work dform the inside is they are due for another "Rampart" but bigger Either you know some things we don't or you are misinterpreting some info pretty badly. They said there was a SINGLE shot that came from inside the cabin when the gas was thrown in, and the sound of bullets exploding after the fire had started. So where did you get your info about him unloading when they got close enough to throw the gas?
  4. They pulled A body from the cabin. It'll still be about a week til they find out if it's really him.
  5. No, he's killing people because they were doing they're job unethically. That's the reason he lost his job, he repeatedly wrote complaints about fellow officers doing their job wrong or with racial bias. Also, he didn't start his protest just shooting people. He was trying verbal protest for the past 4 or so years, but as we all know, nobody listens till blood is shed. Yeah I highly doubt that'll happen.
  6. I'm willing to bet he's not there anymore. Ex LAPD + Ex Navy = smarter than the usual suspect these LEOs seem to be used to.
  7. 560.00 is what I will be selling for Shipped or plus shipping?
  8. Yeah, a little at the time cuz everyone wanted to give smart ass answers instead of that \/ simple answer. And in that case I think I might take a10k when amp money comes.
  9. Have you not been reading the thread? Both amps are rated at 14v. If it was that simple I wouldn't be asking about differences. Your asking stupid questions and receiving stupid answers If you dont know the difference between the 2 amps then its not the amp for you. if you have to ask..... I'm asking stupid questions? Maybe you lack intelligence and can't comprehend them, especially since you still think the 10k is a 12v amp after it's been mentioned various times that it rated at 14v.
  10. Have you not been reading the thread? Both amps are rated at 14v. If it was that simple I wouldn't be asking about differences.
  11. Well since it was mentioned to be a lower wattage amp, but when asked about that people got all offended. Let me all something else.... What are the differences between this and the 9k? (besides the 1k warts obviously)
  12. .....sooooo how do they compare at lower voltages? Why would you wanna run an amplifier like this at low voltage? Although its been done, ea time it just shortens the life just a little by more If it was made for lower voltage why would we not ask about it? If it shouldn't be used at lower voltage then why claim it to be a lower voltage amp?
  13. .....sooooo how do they compare at lower voltages?
  14. 10k is rated at 12v 9k is rated at 14v The specs CJ posted said 14v.
  15. How does the 10k compare to the 9k on lower voltage (under 14v)?
  16. Do I get something if I let you guys know that the "10k" amp like leads to "12k" amp specs? Haha And is there specs for the 10k anywhere?
  17. Oh snap. I didn't even notice that. Haha. Oh well.
  18. Look a lot better on the 7.5k. Oh well, that's just looks.
  19. Is it me or are the speaker terminals better on the 7.5k than on the 10k? Still nice though.
  20. last time i did that it cost me $630 in tires I think we need to call Pirelli and tell them you'll make some cool ass videos if they give you a tire sponsorship. Haha
  21. The thread is on caco if anyone wants to read it...DC section I think, DC 5k is the title lol Yeah.
  22. I recently read that a well respected amp person said the DD-1 was in fact causing issues with amps. Don't know the validity of those posts since the person I saw post it want the amp person, but someone that had a conversation with him.
  23. Oh, there's most like some available, but in Nor Cal.
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