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  1. vortex theory the more air you allow to be pulled in the louder the score happened to me once. but i only gained 1 db
  2. interesting sub there lol price is a bit steep also the sa is a no go because i dont have the power for it
  3. because i want it to look good?
  4. not the kind of sexy im looking for more like this
  5. i have 250 rms to play with at 4 ohms i need them to cover the 20-55 hz area and i want them to have a nice looking ass/basket area call it an sq/install type of application talk to me
  6. yet to hear a good 3.5, hell i hate 5.25's. then you are doing it wrong bubs
  7. 1. you are quiet 2. why did you meter driver side? 3. image stabilization from youtube sucks donkey dick. dont use it i want to hear this sometime though. what does it do on music?
  8. lol i didnt search this after you brought it up. I may only be 21 but i know my way around some old school stuff. the good old days of car audio. it seems like there are some good results from that video
  9. very good observation the high xmax of todays subs causes linearity issues when mounted isobaric Blues car audio did something that may help in this situation though keep the woofers in phase, just one behind the other, and enclose the cone of the back woofer and basket of the front woofer.
  10. THERE IS NO BUILD LOG! 1998 Chevy Silverado ext cab Alpine CDA-9887 Audiocontrol Epic 160 4 Digital Designs 9515 4 Orion 2500d 1 Orion 8004 3 CDT CL 61 component sets Dual 300 amp Iraggi Alts 8 Optima yellow tops Second Skin Stinger Tsunami Wiring ??? i think it ran away
  11. Can I run this AND iTunes without them messing eachother up? yes but ill be honest, iTunes is the most satanic piece of shitty software ever made use it sparingly anyway winamp is real easy. just plug in the ipod. open winamp. go to the left menu and find it under "devices" or something like that. click it. select all. right click and move to your designated folder. boom
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