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  1. i have no idea what i clamped lol compare our potential wattage and i win
  2. also this was with 2 15s but only one of them was working. shitty ppi subs lol sealed on the dash 42 hz again the potential is there for sure
  3. i considered that one but like you said there are a few too many differences for my liking
  4. 1 dd 3512e 2 sundown 2ks with the gain way down Sealed Dash 42 hz Headrest Meca 42 hz Kick 42 hz if i can find another 3512 for a good price ill scoop it up and open the gain see if i can get that 50
  5. amps are on this level batteries are on this one i think glassing into the pockets will be my best bet
  6. im thinking 4 10s glassed onto the plastic wheel well covers just angled back a bit
  7. good idea but i forgot to mention one xs d1200 and 2 deka 9a31s are down thereand my amps are on the shelf just above that my glass skills are decent. biggest thing is i have patience so if i find an idea i like enough i can work on it for quite some time and no i dont need to use all 4k but i have if need be
  8. i have power to spare (4k) but i really want to use my cargo area to haul stuff. boxes just get in the way so how can i make a decent system and have it more or less out of the way not killing the functionality of the wagon? throw me ideas
  9. i like the best amp for the job. if you are good you can make mismatching look good too
  10. if anyone else has this problem it was fixed with a 470 micro farad 35v cap on pins 85 and 86 flawlessly
  11. bought some ddm 55w raptor ballsts and 5000K lights didnt work the first time i tried installing. figured it needed a relay. i was right fab it all up using a 30 amp relay and a couple online tutorials and bam we have lights BUT when the engine is on i have a nasty buzzing that comes through my speakers randomly. also my Brake, ABS, and BAS lights flash and my warning bell chimes it is only a momentary flash but it can happen 1-10 times in a row. the buzzing lasts for 4-15 seconds. it doesnt seem to be triggered by anything, just randomly does it. also when the buzzing starts i notice a quick change of color in the lights. like the amount of power it is receiving fluctuates so what should i do?
  12. thank you and also your picture would look great if you could get the vinyl to stay in place lol
  13. for me i just get bothered by blurry definitions it really gets under my skin when people say "it only does a 139 but my vehicle is more SQ than SPL" just because you are quiet does not mean you are SQ thats all.
  14. What could possibly be the other piece, I thought fidelity was the main goal of a Sound Quality vehicle. wrong word three pieces accuracy/clarity of notes flat response and then there is imaging/staging
  15. well im glad you get what i was trying to explain just one thing that bugs me. you say you can "turn the subwoofers down to a nice clean level" but how flat is it? fidelity is just one piece of sq but anyway you know what you are doing and you are going to do it your way regardless.
  16. that makes no sense at all. Please tell me you aren't trying to play SQ champ. If its one thing i hate about SQ its guys who think they know it all about SQ and go online like their shit don't stink. i dont play anything think of it this way you often say that 1 15 doing 155 at 65 hz is not the same as your 4 18s doing 155 at whatever hz you do it at same thing sounds good is not the same as sq thats all im trying to say
  17. lol you do realize that the numbers in your "dash mount" system would be jumping around so much that you would never be able to get an intelligible reading correct?
  18. honest question when wouldnt you want to raise your sound stage? when it doesn't NEED to be raised you guys must know some sq voodoo then ive never liked tweeters in the doors. but then again sq is subjective id love to hear it just to really understand but for now ill just take your word on it
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