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  1. Dunno why it stands out so much in a picture. It's not as noticable in front of you. Must have something to do with the camera flash.
  2. I need to get better pics of that red in the sun, they multi step powdercoat with metallic silver base and a candycoat does this pic no justice. The idea was to allow it to match our powder coated toolmaker inputs. But there 2 more phases to this amp coming in the next few weeks
  3. Something new coming

    1. Ninja_v1.0


      i know i know i know... and when it shows up.. holy fack!

  4. Few things for your knowledge. XS batts optimal charging is 15a per battery. With agm batteries if there to low, the charger won't sense enough internal resistance, there for showing a bad battery or one not taking a charge. Note that XS has a charger with a recovery mode. I promise those work. I've used them to recover 2 d3100s that was sitting for a prolonged time with a resting voltage of 6.2-6.6v. The recovery mode works like this. It dumps a constant 14.4v @1a to bring up the deep charge. Normally chargers like yours at 2.5a isn't constant it will bounce around.
  5. Might also wanna consider, this week there working on a tight crew with sema going on. I've worked with XS for about 5 hrs, there want to find test the battery to ensure it's bad, or if you just failed as a consumer and didn't maintain it
  6. Nothing new here. I'm sure it's the same power supplies Digital Deaigns have been using for years now
  7. If you have 4 batts, the psc60 is ideal. XS batts like a 15a per battery for optimal charging
  8. There warranty proceedure, has always been sent in the battery for testing, in which they will test it themselves and make a determination. Some times, there are bad batteries, however other times and more often then not that batts aren't bad at all and need to be recovered properly from a deeply discharged state. Swelling usually occurs from engine heat or over charging. I personally have had a 1 or 2 batteries fail during warranty out of several hundred I have sold. Both were replaced. I did have one come up this week that went bad, cause there was a hairline crack appear in the case from who knows where. I called and looked it up by serial number. At which point I was told it was just out of the warranty period. But to get me a replacement the offered to discount a new joe to help me out. I know it's frustrating, but the have a system in place for a reason. If they took everyone's work that the batteries where bad when the called and just shipped a replacement, they would be losing money. And no business it out to give stuff away. Almost 80% of batts sent in are recovered and work properly out of all warranty claims. Just think of the potential loss there.
  9. We'll I know I'm not in Alaska, but we had some of our coldest weather in Indiana last winter. I have a pair of d6500s under the hood of my diesel. We had a week of cold that was below zero temps with a wind chill in the -20s at night. I know a lot of people that have acid batteries freezing. And like I dumb ass I forgot to plug my truck in. However everyday I had zero issues starting the truck.
  10. Best idea I have seem stacking wood. I hate watching people stack weak ass 2x4s. This was is strong, and a good way to get rid of scrap wood in the process
  11. I wouldn't look at it as how much more power it can take, however abuse wise the 8 layer lvl 4 coils is a lot more forgiving then then roundwire coil of a lvl 3. But 1100-1200 is pretty good.
  12. On your power hands down the 2 lvl 3s are the way to go. Also lmk if you want some. I know where a pair is pretty cheap
  13. I wouldn't run it on more then 2 alts. My suggest. Use one on a single alt for daily and the second on the other 2 switched so you can turn those 2 off when not in use
  14. There avail for purchase now, message me here or go to, http://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/dc-audio-m-19.html?filter_id=59&sort=
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