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  1. MIght want to try to post the other picture of the back also.
  2. Not sure if I missed it but, the part of the enclosure next to the port, is that just part of the sealed section?
  3. Thank yall. I never thought about trying to refresh the page. If that works form then I'll just live with it.
  4. Does anyone have a problem with pages loading if you want to go to another page in the thread? First page loads fine, but if I want to go to any of the other pages, they just continue to on the load. I am using chrome on Windows 10.
  5. Does it go into protect as soon as the amp turns on, or just while you are adjusting it?
  6. Awesome build man. This is similar to what I will be doing. I will be lifting my rear seat 4 4 M38s as well.
  7. Thank you, Ill shoot them an email and see what they say.
  8. Does anyone know of a place that sells a dual alt bracket for a 2017 Silverado? I have heard that mechman doesn't make brackets anymore, I have already sent Singer and email. Just looking for other options.
  9. 03silvergt

    3 amps

    I would run a cock box. It would probably be the best way. https://www.facebook.com/SBC-Cock-Box-1590661137886155/
  10. Someone will ask what is it going into for sub and port placement. Might want to add the vehicle and amount of power.
  11. What is your sub stage gonna be like? I plan on watching your build because I have a 2005 and want a fairly big build. Heres mine.
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