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  2. What would it cost me 2 get the etched plates? I guess they wasnt available when I placed my order or I just missed it.
  3. hope you love them! hope you can see the time and effort that was put into each and every one of these. It is 1000% more work than anyone really thinks it is. Enjoy! Nothing is ever easy so im sure there was some work put into them.
  4. Im the same way. You look at my wiring and its a mess. The picture I have in my head when I am trying to wire everything looks good but for some reason it never ends up the way I intend it to look.
  5. To piggyback off of this, is there any limitations to what I can or can't get on the cover?
  6. Old thread but is there ever a possibility to get maybe 1 gauge to show all 3 settings? I don't have alot of room for placement of these things. Or could I get by with just one on my subs?
  7. It will handle .5 all day as long as you can supply enough electrical.
  8. I wished I would have seen this earlier, I would've added you. My gamer tag is stroked03stang if yall want to add me.
  9. I play destiny every now and then. All can do now is the vanguard missions.
  10. Diamond C audio and truck accessories 516 Lapalco Blvd Gretna, LA 70058 (504)309-3286
  11. Did you try hooking it back up into the place where it was grounded the first time?
  12. So will I be looking at ah when I am buying a battery for my system?
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