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  1. don't want to be a grammer nazi because im not the greatest either but there is still more missed punctuation here than there is fucks...
  2. ^i like this question. i have inquired about becoming a team member with a few companies over the years. some say the only requirement is to own the gear, others say you have to run it and go to a min amount of shows per year, and one you had to be voted in. are there any stipulations along with being a team member? ie cant compete in the same class as another member,, can only run your gear. thing along those lines?
  3. 26 users reading this. no one is saying it...what timing lmao sorry i had to.
  4. Just food for thought. I ran my re audio xtx5k @.5 for about a year. And i never really had a problem. Until i did. And that problem was frying my amp and costing me money i didnt want to spend. When running at. 5 you have 2 experiences either you fry it or you have a crap ton of electrical and you accept that you still might fry it.
  5. this thread has officially made me scared. i know iv asked in the past and yet i still wired at .5. but now that iv heard i can be causing damage even if my amp isn't getting warm scares the crap out of me. i'm going to wire to 2 ohm this wknd and order a xs d3100. hopefully soon ill be looking in to a singer alt.
  6. i ran the new re ssx's and they man not be as good as they used to be but they could def still hold their own. however now that i run 18" ssa icons i would have to agree ssa has better subs for roughly the same price. not sure how much your amp can push but if you were thinking sex's i would look in to the new gcons and think about upgrading to a larger amp in the future.
  7. dont worry iv wondered this b4. with my d2 until a teammate informed me i was running at half ohm. luckily i was corrected before i killed my amp.
  8. If your under rms iv heard you can make up for out but making the box bigger than to spec.
  9. sorry for who has watched this. i'm struggling on how to post pics and videos. any help?
  10. this is my first build log. previously i have had 2 15' re audio sxx's in a 8 cube box tuned to 34 hrz. my best numbers were 147 sealed on the dash. currently i have 2 ssa icon 18's in a 10 cube box tuned to 36 hrz. currently i have no real upgrade to the electrical besides 1\0 big 3. my amp is a xtx 5000.1 wired to 2 ohms.
  11. just to give you a heads up i bought mine a few months ago. it took them almost 2 months to ship
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