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  1. Paying $300 for a damn text book when I know 85% of the shit in it. Fuck that.
  2. You know your bored when the only thing even remotely interesting on tv is Amish Mafia.

  3. Certified mode (test stops @ 1% distortion) 620 watts Non-Certified Mode (test stops @ Clipping) 656 watts Dynamic Burst RMS (test stops @ Clipping) 650 watts
  4. Got some beer and great tunes. It's time to get drunk and maybe do something stupid

  5. Selling my equipment to quite smoking. Worth it or not?

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    2. KillaCam


      I don't quite understand.

    3. __d_a_v_i_d__


      try out disposable vape pens, there are different ones that are stronger than others... Goodluck.

    4. Raptorman


      Holy fucking shit you guys not spelling quit right is really aggravating lol.

  6. Anyone have a link to a 4 door ford focus wall build? Google's not showing anything

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    2. White Lightning

      White Lightning

      alot of weight for such a small economy car

    3. IBleedMusick


      There was a guy selling one a while back. I can't find it though.

    4. 89capricebass


      I've seen wall builds for the hatch version and they are the same car parts wise. I'm just trying to figure out how many ft3 are available for a future build. I would like to be able to do 2 monster 18's but that's a long way off yet. Gotta wait to graduate.

  7. I traded my tablet for his HTPC. Everything arrived in one piece and was packed good. He is a very good guy to deal with, and went above and beyond to help me out with a couple of games that game on the pc. Would definately do buisiness with him again.
  8. There is the review by Adam Sessler of Rev3Games. Edit: For some reson its not embedding. Anyway I'm headed out to get my number for the game so I dont have to wait forever to get it.
  9. What really decided it for me was the way they created "elizabeth"(sp?). It seems like they put a lot into the story this time around, and hopefully it's good because bioshock 2 had almost no story at all.
  10. I wish I had a pc that would play it. I would love to get away from this xbox and build a rig but just dont have the cash
  11. There is a video of some of the combat. It seems like it has really evolved since 1 and the skylines look like they will be some fun to cruise around on
  12. Ready to see some zip 31 vids. Specifically the song thats 20hz. Mad props if you can play it.

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    2. 89capricebass
    3. ghostrider59927


      my system did hit 19

    4. iwannabeloud


      Play that ish full tilt with the subsonic off or all the way down. props if you can play it then.

  13. Had a good day. Got my student loan approved. Gotta pick my books up tomorrow and I start classes on monday. Detailed my car and picked up Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2.

  14. Is there any info you can give us on the coaxials? Rms and such? Off topic: Nice dean on the hanging on the wall. I've been to there headquarters in Clearwater and it was awesome. Actually got to meet Elliot Rubinson who is a cool guy. His Ferrari was even cooler though.
  15. Just received an email from skar. Will be shipping it out tomorrow for replacement.
  16. Alright So I just played the sub free air and the coil rub was clearly audible. Should have done this before I stuffed it in the box I built, but then again I shouldn't have to, since skar should have tested it before it shipped to me. Dont know how they could have missed the noise during testing. Not trying to talk crap about skar because I know mistakes can and will happen, especially when things get busy. Hopefully I can get this warrantied and get it fixed or replaced. Will update with more info when Skar emails me back.
  17. forgot to mention that I did get a hold of a multimeter and tuned my gain with the chart above
  18. So over the last couple of days I have had this sub playing at low volume to break it in. The highest it has been is 22/35, it can barely be heard outside of the car, even with the windows down. Today I decided to turn it up a little bit to 26/35 and I heard a a rubbing/flapping noise that seemed to be coming from the sub or the box. I immediately shut the sub off via the sub setting on the deck and checked everything out. I pushed on the cone in the middle slightly and it sounded like the coil was rubbing and it is also stiffer than it should be. When I got the woofer it smelled like ca glue so I figured it was a re cone and didnt press on the cone. I think this is what was causing the slight smell. You couldnt hear the rubbing/flapping noise at low volume. I am filling out the contact form on skars website now
  19. If your into the space/sci-fi thing check out the mass effect trilogy. Just beat them all again for the 2nd time. One of the best games series of all time imo. Put about 75-80 hours total into all 3 games
  20. The amp can put out clean power.Sure its not as good as some brands but it does nearly rated and it does it clean. And for $120 shipped I cant complain so far. I bought my kid a ton of christmas presents instead of a better amp.
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