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    Building custom computers, computer tech, but mostly car audio is my main thing.

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  1. So if i had it my way i would get rid of California and NY 1 cause New Yorkers are rude peple 2 seems like nothing but gays and freaks live in California so thats why i call it the freak state plus if i had it my way i would line up all the gays and shoot them

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    2. WastedTalent


      Also, your other status, shows your brains. You say here, America is no longer free. But that other status says why America is not the greatest. Now I do agree, America is not the greatest due to political leaders and well, more... but does a man holding a man's hand do anything TO you? Does it effect you? NO. Grow the eff up.

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Damn, I don't have a problem with gay people. I'll be real and you might not like hearing this, but you a bigot. A gay person is born that way. That's like hating Asians because of their eyes.

    4. Karkov


      You are not born gay.

  2. hell yea my patriots are winning

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    2. OrionStang
    3. WastedTalent


      Go Bills, best team in the AFC East right now. Yes, go Bills. To the cemetary cause you bout to get put into the grave by the Patriots.

    4. Miguels


      i wasnt talking about you Ken.. why was the pats fans quiet last week when they got their ass handed to

  3. so i was at my local pawn store and i dont no if its to good to be true for the price but i was thinkin about buying the kicker warhorse amp they want 550 bucks for should be way more then that shouldnt it

  4. does anyone know if the steel seal shit really works cus i was gonna buy actual head gaskets

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    2. SnowDrifter


      It doesn't fix head gaskets. It clots any hole. The ones that leak, and the ones that don't

    3. Nick580


      just use some black silicone on the heads . It works the same as a gasket essentially. I would not use quick steel for that purpose.

    4. swishahouse22


      thnks for the help guys glad to get advice from u guys

  5. Bumpin to the new Rittz Album

  6. how well is the r9 290x I came from a 2gb 6970 that holds up still to this day but then I got the money for a gtx titan 6gb this is my first NVidia card
  7. UGK 4 LIFE

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    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I got a pocket full of stones is one of the first songs I memorized as a shorty

    3. tyma1026


      Yes sir. About to listen to some ugk and dj screw.

    4. swishahouse22


      the game is cold buts its gravy

  8. I graduated from penn state got my masters degree in moving weight

  9. I would love to have both systems but afraid I would play them once then they would sit and collect dust even tho my ol lady would just use it for Netflix lol. cause there are games for ps4 and xbox1 that id like to play that arnt made for pc now I see why a lot of ppl dnt own gaming pc's cause the shit u have to upgrade just to play a game.
  10. my 6gb gtx titan can play any game on ultra along with my i7 just fine with 60 fps plus on pretty much every game I play plus I have it on a asus rog 4k monitor
  11. Don't get me wrong they make games for the consoles id love to play like KOH that is made for the PS systems but half the games are made for every system and I like the fact I can use a ps3 or xbox controller on pc games. I don't know I no I have my opinions like others i'm just a pc gamer im afraid id buy a ps4 and use it just a couple times and sit there and collect dust like my 360 lol.
  12. Turn up on me ima turn that bitch down

  13. pc graphics would out take the graphics on the ps4 and xbox any day. Dam look how much video cards are I have a 6gb gtx titan and its like a 1000 dollar card but yea I give the console player that they don't have to keep upgrading something in there systems just to play a game lol.
  14. hell yea sons of anarchy starts in a hr.

  15. I think both gaming consoles suck in my opinion that's why I have a gaming pc it can pretty much do every thing a ps4 and xbox one can do
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