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  1. I swear the next person that bitches about pricing or shipping times is going to get banned!

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    2. gmoxley1


      i can completely understand where you are coming from in the link posted above. but why did i get jumped on when i waited past the processing period to even try and make contact with the company and was accused of "bitching" about shipping? i tried sending a PM but i guess Audiofanaticz did not recieve it or has not yet come across it yet trying to apologize for a communication issue. My issue was not about shipping cost or a wait period before shipment. i thought that was made pretty...

    3. gmoxley1


      Haha nice yeah that was pretty much the just of it. Not sure why "clear" was cut off the end but oh well. I had pretty high respect for everyone on this forum as I did not know anyone personally and therefore had nothing against anyone but with some of the behaviors I've been seeing I guess this isn't quite the community I thought it once was. Oh well. Doesn't hurt my feelings any. Hope everyone has a nice day and God bless you all.

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