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  1. I told him I would tow the DGAF Toyota back home from Cali to Wi and keep her alive and finish it off, and he was all for it. but he didnt want to give the subs and amps with it. Tried explaining that it wouldnt be the DGAF Toyota if it doesnt have the DGAF gear, but he wasnt buying into it. LOL
  2. look like some nice new tables about to be turned black Seen the livestream earlier, know your complaining about time, so send me a ticket so I can come gut the Civic and the DGAF Toyota for ya.
  3. Just became a dealer for SecondSkin today! 

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    2. moh.vze.com


      Team Second Skin FTW second-skin-audio-30sqft.jpg


    3. Second Skin

      Second Skin

      Nice pic, love seeing how the USPS boxes show up!!!!


    4. Kyblack76


      good shit MOH.VZE.COM .... 

      i used a damn GRIP load of the B stock in a my blazer build, and in another buddys rig,  and was thrilled with the application, (wear some sort of glove, i mean, if your a puss lol, that foil backing is no joke lol) , .. it freaking stuck like it was born to be there. The actual deadening of the panels was night and day different.

      While the monster calming of vibrations/noise was cool as hell, it was the way they helped my mids in my doors sound, that i REALLY really dug. It really helped the mids gain a ton of low end, and just really came to life. Good stuff. Id do it all again, if given the same choices. ....for sure. 

  4. ShowTime Electronics is legit if you knew what I knew you would have no problem buying XS Power from them You did good recording a video of the package and opening it on camera for evidence to back yourself up. That being said, I probably would of contacted the company first before going public with it. With that also being said Id want a new battery even if it appears to work fine currently because for 1 you dont know the abuse that the package went through, and there could be tiny cracks in the led plates or anything that may perform fine with a simple voltage test but wont handle the load, or it may get worse and not work at all. There you be up shits creek without a paddle then. Not to mention the case looks dinged up pretty bad around the corners and once again who knows how sealed the battery may really be in its current state. Buying a new battery, a battery that keeps getting more expensive every few months (it seems) I would want it in mint new condition, and not some second hand store off the shelf of Salvation Army looking battery. The Styrofoam in the other package is designed to take the brunt force abuse and become busted if shit goes south during shipping. What Im guessing is the XP3000 was packed like that too, since its in its original box so Im sure the tape let go and some careless shipping emplyee taped it up as quick as possible and didnt care about putting the battery back in the packaging right. For what its worth the XP 3000s are a waste imo anyways. Everything about the D series is just so much nicer, though my butthole still puckers when I pick them up by the plastic handle thinking its going to break. LOL Only $80 more for a D3100 that will school the XP3000 in every way, and the D3100 comes double boxed surrounded by Styrofoam and a 3 year warranty. Where as the XP3000 you get 10ah more, a small piece of useless Styrofoam at the bottom it seems, and a plastic bag and not doubled box with a 2 year warranty. Just my preference though.
  5. I have 1 amm-1 left in stock with your name on it! You got to complete the collection! lol
  6. The interest free thing is cool if they pay it off in said amount of time. Some retailers out there doing similar payment methods and charging 26.99+% interest. Its just plan crazy!
  7. Its because your posting mobile links. See the M in the link
  8. I still want one of them PG cyclones to play with first hand. Had the alpine pull out cassette player and a old alpine 2 channel amp to go with it. There was a Clarion deck that I wanted that was similar to the AutoPC but just like a model below it, I remember it being a color display and having flashing stars, dont recall the model number. The JBL MS-8 is a straight turd. Lose the remote control and you cant change nothing, limited options, no delay for remote turn on or off (one of those I forget) and it always popped, 3 different units where tried on an install, and even bench tested out of the vehicle same results. Man that thing was a gimmick imo and everyone talked so highly about it, i pulled my hair out dealing with the thing. I straight up have a bald spot now... It kind of scared me of using a processor in my own vehicle, but luckily its a night and day difference between that and a RF360.2!
  9. ........... I had no idea why either, man I give them guys props for not reacting all crazy because I know damn right that I would of knocked that chicks phone out her hand and thrown it in the lake... Dumb fucking cunt
  10. I really need to order a bunch of your products, my Cadillac CTS has horrible road noise its so annoying, but not as annoying as the Direct Injection engine that goes click click click...
  11. Dont worry about it man, i looked at the other bulbs they had on the site and they look decent as long as those are the same bulbs they are selling in the kit. I just made a $90 order, and they should be here in 2 days because next day air was too much. LOL
  12. Pics of said bulbs? Curios what they are shipping in the kits if they are generic bulbs, or morimoto bulbs that they have on their site. They have nothing showing what your actually getting. Bulbs with multiple PC-B fail all the time, which is why Im curious because Id like to grab some up too
  13. One thing that worries me is where the coil leadout wire is meet with the tinsel wires, it just appears to be dangling there. Usually they are covered in glue to prevent vibration which can lead to breaking leadout wires from the coil.
  14. The split slug is actually cheaper to produce iirc, and its also prone to be damaged less compared to larger slugs. Which is why I was told they started doing them on the old single ufo btls like I got.
  15. common sense would of told me to move said pots, plants, and tables before tearing it down. LOL
  16. Wonder if thats a real tweet. Jim is funny as hell. He has a tour date close by and Im thinking about going.
  17. Going to put this here since this thread is highly active and it protects consumers. This is interesting, all those stickers that say warranty void if broken is ILLEGAL.... Companies better start watching out because some are already getting hit! IE: if you take your cover off your amp the company cant void your warranty when that sticker gets broken! https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2018/04/ftc-staff-warns-companies-it-illegal-condition-warranty-coverage
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