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  1. Yeah n8 they only make them for the people who live somewhere that only allows civilians to carry a "non military sized cartridge"
  2. I love the commercials on that channel!!! I don't watch it too much because I'm into shooting, not into hunting at all. tac tv and that personal defense show are alright but often quite boring.
  3. Holy crap you got a glock 25!!! You can't even buy those here. Though I'm not a fan of the .380 round I'd love a glock 25! Nice!
  4. Damn, 25 is DD lower end line right? If so, very impressed!
  5. Relyks, sorry I missed the post or I would have replied earlier. Since posting this I have decided to keep them, I finally unlocked the pro part of ninja and it makes a TON of difference. I never had the pro part and now they are worth keeping, I have seen them go on eBay for around $30-$40 if that helps. Thanks for the interest though bro! Mods, lock or delete this post please? Thanks.
  6. This is baffling. I was going to say maybe your remote wire(s) came loose, but you have a power light on the amp. My next guess would be whatever sends signal through your RCA's in your HU went out. I say this because both your sub amp and speaker amp quit at the same time, and you say your fuses and wiring is good. This is just my guess.
  7. i smoke Marlboro 72's (green or blue don't care) $4.94 pack i need to quit smoking, like 5 years ago...
  8. thanks man i thought id get some bashing for them on here lol You thought you'd get bashed for Alpines? lol nah man Alpine woofers get shitty! I L O V E D my type R 10's!
  9. Sorry to bring this thread back but does anyone know if you can feel the stone before it passes? Like, while it's still in the kidney? I have been having this REALLY DULL pain in my lower back for like a month... Even though my CT scan showed negative it still has me trippin a lil bit.
  10. Wish i could say the same, I'm hittin like 110 probably lol. kidding,I actually have no idea how loud I am... I like this though I haven't seen many Type-X builds!
  11. You can find it here! It's on number two. If you can go low, you will love this song!
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