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  1. I'm going to assume romo hasn't played Last week I heard something about a new qb That's as much as I know
  2. Damn I don't like trump but some people are way over reacting Now they are stuck with the name of the person they hate lol
  3. Prefiero vivir aquí que en cualquier otro lugar. I've been to where my parents where born in Mexico and other parts it's nice but I agree with you
  4. This made me laugh I use to call me semi handicapped It worked sometimes Then I got tired of explaining myselfand I stopped
  5. Damn bola you were doing good Better than my grades My overal gpa I got was 2.1 I did pass the cahsee the first time although I was put in the group that needed extra help. And nobody paid attention
  6. I was 10 in 99 lol. I don't remember much because we didn't have cable so I only watched it when I would go to my friends house or when they aired smackdown on cbs at like 1am So know I watch it cause then I couldn't
  7. Last Tuesday I went to a WWE event. First time going it was cool. Felt like a kid Tried to get Kane but I failed The flames through me off
  8. Camera is setup for my next stop motion video Still need to clean the table
  9. When you least expected?Does Monday's randomly shows up? only to those who get too fucked up they dont know what day it issame to does fuckers who post on facebook of how good it is to be weekend. mothafucka you unemployed.. its the weekend for your ass every day When I started being on ss I would say I was on vacation to everyone lol It's been over 7 that I've been on "vacation"
  10. Put the test track in iPad Check your max limit through the rca Then out the 3.2 eq Then out the amp For the eq reference I would mark the knob and max turn point before clipping I would set it and for get it on the eq
  11. I looking into getting a new pillow on Amazon It's was like the 10th option down
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