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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a subwoofer design. 2015 Grand Cherokee w/ Harmon Kardon system. Stock head unit, Audio Control LC2i, NVX XAD12 (rated 1500w @ 1 ohm, 1/0 OFC KnuKnoceptz, stock electrical. SA U10-D2 Mostly rap music, some R&B and old rock. I'll be building it myself. 3/4" MDF. Double baffle. Sub/port facing back. The only firm dimension is the length of the enclosure - 40". I'd like the width to be as small as possible (as to leave as much cargo space as possible), and the max height is 16". Below is what I came up with, but there doesn't seem to be enough space behind the sub.
  2. the fact that there isn't a valid rating system in car audio that verifies power claims. the fact that ONE person hasn't simply built an audio system that's constant/consistent with power, then just took a bunch of different amps that claim the RMS power at the same ohm level and plugged them in to a switch board where you can isolate one amp at a time, and run them on the termlab (not an amp dyno). Post the results. Then these stupid ass people can stop bitching about what really makes what. Adjust the gains with several forms of equipment that people at stevemeade and diyaudio would call legit and calm down. everyone who comments on the internet about HORSEPOWER should be required to take a dodge challenger hellcat down the track 3 times and have their times linked to their online lives forever for everyone to see.
  3. I finally got out there and cleaned the alt with some simple green and I found two numbers: 1102906 7E13-1 1102906 seems to be for a Remy Alternator (63a) According to a cross reference of what vehicles that fits, your list is spot on. http://parts-catalog.acdelco.com/catalog/BuyersGuideSearch.php?BGRequest=1∂=321-39&catalog=1701&parttype=2186
  4. Yea, I did that a few weeks ago, but I couldn't get it to narrow down enough. The engine basically came from a 70's something Chevy. But it could have been a Camaro, Chevelle, Monte Carlo, or Impala.
  5. I did, but I'll look again. My car definitely needs work though, some front end stuff and maybe a new carb. Not to mention it needs body work. I'm sitting on some car stereo equipment I want install, but I figure I'll just get the alternator done before I even go down that road. I've gotten more compliments in that then I ever got in my magnum or charger.
  6. I'll be running around 2500rms max on my best day and I'm looking for an alternator that will accommodate that. The problem, well one problem, that I know of is I don't know what car my 350 engine came out of it to ensure the proper fit.
  7. typing a long reply, then clicking post...only to realize that you weren't logged in...
  8. thanks for this review, its time for me to deaden the hatch of my magnum, along with the bottom floor. I hear a lot of stuff moving back there. But it'll have to wait until I learn how to f'n wrap a box correctly with vinyl. smh.
  9. i've been eyeing that eq. i used to have a kenwood 5 band that was AMAZING. It seemed to make up for my loss of voltage through the electrical system.
  10. hmmm, my neighbor suggested that to me. thanks for this. Does anyone have any pictures of a "frame" style plexi window in an application? This seems like the best solution for me.
  11. found a Google Nexus 7" tab, definitely looking into that. It doesn't have a minisd slot though, but I've already found two potential work arounds that would allow you connect a portable hard drive to it, while using the mini usb for charging purposes.
  12. I have two hifonics amp, 1 has been going good for about 1.5 years, the other about 3. My uncle has two, his have been fine for the last 3 months. brz1200 and a brutus elite 4 ch. A girl I know had one, forgot the model, and it died out after a year. The RCA outputs went bad. Got her another one and it's been fine ever since. The only problem I have with hifonics amps are that they run hot. I don't think they are very efficient. All of the amps everyone I know has are Brutus, except my mids/high amp which is a txi6006.
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