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  1. Well voltage with the two 2200s @ 0.5 is great, as expected. However, these subs can't hang!πŸ˜‚ Wasn't able to turn them up very loud at all before they started popping or bottoming out. So up for sale they go. with any luck, my ports and subs will show up tomorrow! I also learned I built my amp rack backwards...whoops.
  2. Got my 2nd SQ 2200 in the mail today, but was pretty busy so I didn't get around to installing it until later in the night. Here was the mess I had beforehand: and here's the mess I have now: eventually I plan to build a little fascia to hide my horrid wires, but for now this is how it goes. Hoping to see a 150 tomorrow, even if it has to be Outlaw! I also bought the MDF for the 4 10s box, so once my Audible Engineering ports get here, I can build that box
  3. There are vids all over the suburban build log And they're from mycustomspeakerpod: http://www.customspeakerpods.com/Tahoe-Suburban-Yukon-Escalade-Silverado-Speaker-Pods_c43.htm
  4. So I was just chilling yesterday, scrolling through my facebook feed when I saw a deal I couldn't pass up. 8 American Bass VFL's 8s in a 1.5" all the way around, birch box. Very interesting build concept too. 4 hours of driving later, they were mine😁 My original plan was (and maybe still is) to sell the box and build a new one similar to the same size as the box I had planned for the 4 10s. (so I don't have to give up 80% of my cargo area) I've never ran AB before, and don't know about these subs specifically so I've got some research ahead of me, but I'd like to throw all of them on the two 2200s @ 0.5 each if they'll handle it. Today I hooked them up and was pleasantly surprised with the results! Probably the widest bandwidth of any box I've owned (minus the 4th and 6th order walls). and these little guys get down. Flexing the hell outta the tahoe! If I'm feeling nice, I'll probably give this setup to my sister since the box was designed for an S10 Blazer (37" wide x 30" deep x 20" tall). If she buys a 2nd AQ2200 this setup could definitely do a 150 in her vehicle.
  5. I know a guy selling a really nice 2002 Tahoe Tyler πŸ˜™
  6. A local guy some of you know as Jeff, or @Jeff4661 on here has a Tahoe that looks fairly similar to that. 2" and 3" lift IIRC.
  7. Ehhh. I hate the chrome look. That's why I just got rid of all of itπŸ˜‚ If I decide to go with a lift, I'm gonna go all out with big 33" mudders, tow mirrors, everything as full redneck as I can. The brush guard will go back on at the end of August no matter what I do. That thing is for protection, not aesthetics. After hitting a deer at 55 MPH, and a coyote at 75 MPH, and having no damage done to the vehicle, it's too hard to pass up. Plus it's nice for all the bad drivers.
  8. Awe that dog is adorable! And wow I had no idea that the procedure would be so fast. I wonder if lasik is the same? Maybe I'll have to look into it
  9. I sure hope so! There's a lot of enjoyment in putting up "big" (compared to local guys) numbers with small subs.πŸ˜‰ The most interesting thing is probably going to be seeing the difference in bandwidth / numbers between the 8" and 10" port. If all else fails, I already have a design for 3 HDS215s on the 2200s @ 0.7 each, and with that much cone it should definitely be sufficient.
  10. Pretty sure I keep seeing this build pop up on facebook, and I'm loving it! You've done quite a lot of work in a rather short period of time!
  11. I love this build, some awesome craft work in here!πŸ˜™ Since I don't recall from the last thread, have you metered this setup yet? And how did you get those impedance graphs on the first page?
  12. I'm excited to see you get back to work on this πŸ˜ƒ Lasik is something I've considered, but I couldn't bear the idea of having to be awake and hear / feel / smell any burning in my eyes lol. How was the PRK surgery? Also, everyone knows it's obligatory on the internet to post puppy pics if you mention one!
  13. That's a clean looking amp! I feel like I've seen it before😁
  14. Just bought a 2nd SoundQubed 2200 which should be here mid next week... Purchased some Audible Engineering 8" and 10" ports... 2 more SoundQubed HDS210s... And finally have some box plans after about 12 hours of designing. Tried to really maximize the space in my cargo area 49" wide x 18" tall x 16" deep. 6.28 cubes gross w/ 10" aeroport -> 4.86 cubes net tuned @ 36hz (78.6 square inches of port) w/ 8" aeroport -> 5.28 cubes net tuned @ 29hz (50.3 square inches of port) I also plan to make a little shroud and finally clean up my wiring, along with adding a 2nd battery. All said and done I'm hoping it'll hit a 150, and give me atleast 2' of depth into the cargo area. I may also purchase some Captain's seats and install the battery + amps inbetween the seats...
  15. Hmm... I'm torn between two different looks lol! There's like the rugged, offroad look with a lift, aggressive tires, tow mirrors, throw my brush guard back on: (Cattivo @ TahoeYukon Forums - http://www.tahoeyukonforum.com/threads/my-5-alarm-hoe.89994/) (MadDogDelpho @ TahoeYukon Forums - http://www.tahoeyukonforum.com/threads/maddogs-02-tahoe-lt-bertha-build-thread.92257/) Or the more typical car audio scene look, lowered, 22"+ rims, blacked out: not sure I talked to my amp repair guy, and he's had my Banda for 3 weeks now and still doesn't know when the parts will be in. So it could be another month before I get that back. Soon I think I'll purchase two more HDS210s and see if I can run 4 of them and do 150dB in this thing.. that'll be temporary until I can my big boy amp back.