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  1. loaded up the new box with some ZV15s d0.7, 4 layer coil, mega roll v2 surround, progressive spiders wired @ 0.35 and clamping like 20kw, the best I did was a 158. I was NOT a fan of this sub build. swapped back for my SPL ZV5s (8 layer coil, spl surround, black spiders) wired back @ 0.5, clamping 17kw and did a 158.66 on the dash as the best this was the last video I got before my amp went up in flames about 3 burps later, boom - smoke and flames clipping was most likely the culprit. I was pushing HARD to try for a 159 on the dash decided once the amp blew, I'm gonna be done with having a big no wall build I was having a lot of vibration related problems. all my dash lights coming on, gauge needles not working, interior lights randomly turning on and off, car security mode engaging and the car not starting, etc. going to take this truck back to a small daily, probably 150db with 2 10s, a 12 or 15 or something on 3k and in the middle of purchasing a Flat Walled Tahoe for 8 15s
  2. here's the last video of the truck before yet another rebuild got bored, did some theorycrafting, had Correy build me two new boxes that I'll pick up tomorrow left box is a Bassahaulic, Drew Jones design - 12 cubes, 270 square inches of port, tuned @ 38z right box is very similar to my current one, again designed by me - 11.67 cubes, 314 square inches of port, tuned @ 45hz I better get a 160 on the dash out of one of these..
  3. I LOVE the Cmax. Tobbie and Mike @ Coventry were fantastic to me, and my voltage is much better. I ended up clamping about 6kw more by swapping from 2 G30s to the 135ah cmax, and about 10kw more from 1 g30 to the 135ah cmax
  4. and then, I've been running dual alts for months now. finally bought an amperage clamp, went to test my alts awhile ago (this is when I had the 3 15s) and my one alt was not working been going back and forth with Jon @ Brand X for what feels like months now, and I cannot figure it out. I was told it was a regulator issue, so I bought a new one and replaced it: still didn't fix the issue swapped which alternator was where on the bracket (in case it was a ground issue) still nothing. swapped diodes. swapped power and ground. nothing. got the Brand X Electrical voltage knob (which works great): but that 1 alt still wouldn't do anything so I took it off and went back to the OEM alt, and 1 270a this will allow me to go back to charging closer to 16v also added some more (crappy) grounds to the 2 already (crappy) grounds I had just 4 runs to 2 of the seat bolts bought the wire to run dedicated runs from the alts, just need to find time
  5. thanks it's turning into quite a crazy ride lol. never intended to put this much stuff in, or get this loud I got some new numbers outta the thang and new best clamp the Cmax is really starting to bring the build alive. still dropping to 13.5v on burps, but holding 14s on music
  6. also got to give some fun demos at a local get together today it's funny how people flock to a vehicle that can demo more than 1 person at a time lol
  7. swapped out my G30 for 135ah Cmax I did my measurements wrong and had to push the box 4" closer to the hatch: port is about 4" from the hatch now, so I figured scores would drop, but they gained marginally still dropping more than I'd like to, so I ordered more grounds and will be rebuilding my 2nd alt, along with raising voltage
  8. slapped the ZV515s back in the old 4 15 box, even though people said 3.1 cubes per sub would be too small also sold one of my G30s (going to Cmax now), and found out one of my alts wasn't working.. still fixing that lower power and more gainsssss
  9. decided I wanted to go back to something more musical, so I swapped to 3 ZV515s on the same amp Very pleased with it so far I'll have to get some videos on music after work also need to find a way to plug a port and see how that affects things
  10. dash score stayed relatively the same today 157.38db @ 46hz on the dash: 159.00 @ 49hz in the kick: contemplating swapping my electrical setup around and seeing what happens
  11. Yeah, I was hoping with ~$3000 in electrical I would hold a little bit more steady on only 17kw clamped lol probably switch up my battery setup to Brand X Lithium once they come out anyways, put my subs back in the box, and hit a 157 on my first burp, no other testing done new goal is 158 on the dash, 160 in the kick lets get it
  12. results of the Bass 30k are in: clamps came in a bit lower than I wanted, but my electrical also didn't hold up like I wanted: see pretty much 11-12v on every burp gonna drop my subs back in the box, and I should be able to clench a 56 on the dash, 57 in the kick tomorrow
  13. swapped a bunch of stuff around doubled my electrical, now have 2x Brand X 270s and 2x G30s decided I wanted all of my amps and batteries in front of the C Pillar, so I could swap subs and boxes easier unfortunately I ended up picking up this 41" long beast, which did not work with my initial mounting plans It looks super gross because it's freezing here, and everything is temporary if I end up keeping any of this, I'll pull it out and stain it and tidy up the wires and whatnot
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