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  1. Finally picked up my box and gawwwdamn is she a beast! Talk about extremely close call too! I've never really liked the look of the SounDrive dust caps, so I got some beautiful PSI ones to put on😊 The temperatures are finally starting to warm up, and it looks like mid 60s and sunny on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll get some considerable work done soon!
  2. lol I hate how I'm always switching stuff up! I'm already planning my next build being a single C412 in a center console box. anyways pics of the finished box are in! and after what seems like forever we managed to find some captain's seats at the local scrapyard $60 - what a steal! they sell for about $200/set all over Craigslist and Facebook gotta have these seats so I can store batteries and amps inbetween the seats, since my box will take up the entire cargo area next week is Spring Break, so I should actually get to rewire everything and whatnot
  3. Got a couple more pieces to the puzzle First time using Ampere anything, so I'm hoping it works out. I'm going to try it @ 0.5 first before I try two TS 3.5ks @ 1 ohm each if I do. It just hurts me to own Korean amps and run them higher than 0.5. Then my builder sent a few teaser pictures of my box before it gets stained! I ordered some PSI dust caps for the subs since I'm not too fond of the SounDrive logo. Should hopefully be up and playing by next weekend, atleast on low power.
  4. It looks like I'll be exiting the realm of having a small build. I'm finally going to attempt the 4 18, no wall dream. I threw this little box concept together: 49" wide x 40" deep x 26" tall 21ish cubes net, tuned @ 35hz, 350 square inches of port. Picked up 4 SounDrive SDA3 18s super cheap from the one and only Jonathan Patrick, of CES. Also got 3 TS 3.5k v2s from our very own @loud360durango I bought 3 since I was originally going to attempt 3 C418s, but the deal on the SDA's came up and I had to take it. Should be going tomorrow to pay my box builder to start working. Since it's like 10 degrees out I really don't want to do the job myself, plus his craftsmanship is much better, and it'll be getting stained. Currently deciding if two TS 3.5ks @ 1 ohm each will be enough, or if I should jump on an Ampere 7500 to run @ 0.5
  5. 2 SoundQubed 2200s @ 1 ohm each. 370a alt, one G31 battery. 2 NVX VCW152s in a 5.8 cube box w/ 8" aero (subs pictured are C315s, didn't get pictures with the NVXs) 38hz @ 4.3 ohms -> 2217w (1,108.5w each) @ 12v idle 34hz @ 5.2 ohms -> 1539w (769.5w each) @ 13.5v idle (Pretty sure this was the first clamp test I ever did, and I wasn't going full tilt @34hz, but was @38hz, might explain the difference in power, resistance, and voltage) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 AudioQue 2200 @ 0.5 ohms, 270a alt, one G31 battery. 1 SoundQubed HDC418 w/ PSI recone, 5.8 cube box w/ 115 square inches of port. 41hz @ 1.9 ohms -> 1640w @ 12v idle 30hz @ 1.1 ohms -> 2147w @ 12v idle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 SoundQubed 2200 @ 0.5 ohm. 370a alt, no extra battery. 2 SoundQubed HDS210s in a 2.2 cube box, 6" aero port 45hz @ 2.1 ohms -> 1320w @ 12v idle 38hz @ 1.5 ohms -> 1860w @ 12v idle
  6. Got a little foreshadowing of what might be to come... looks like I might have to remove [small build] from my title soon! Finally got a 50 degree day in Michigan, so we set to it! Entire process took probably 1.5 hours Went from 36.5" from the ground to the fender flare, to 38" in the rear, @ 35 PSI. Should have a good bit of room to support a system now..
  7. Since I've only ever ran SQ 4 channels before, I got some local deals on 2x Nendo 1100.4s, was thinking 1 for my mids and 1 for my tweeters + adding my pillars back. I haven't added the pillars yet (waiting for a warm day so I can paint them to match my interior, finally), but dayyuuum this 1100.4 is insane! I also bought 2x Nendo BC2ks to run, but one of them is blown (was advertised as working, still sorting it out). The wire mess is temporary, because within the next week I'll have some bigger updates... But these doors are ridiculously loud on the new power! These videos don't do them any justice.
  8. Finally got a distance test, still on one SQ90.4 More and more impressed with these doors everyday!
  9. Indeed I did. Wish I could find a box builder around here to do a 7 cube box for a single C418...under $300 it's literally 7 pieces of wood cut by Home Depot, and 2 holes (aero and sub) maybe I need to start offering box building services
  10. Got some new updates for ya! I thought I was pretty much done with car audio, but you guys know I can't pass up a good deal. Saw some door panels posted in Richmond IL. They were for a 6.5", 8", and tweeter per door. Then I asked around and found the guy who had bought all 12 speakers, from the person selling the doors. So on Thursday I made the 10 hour round trip, and grabbed some new panels and speakers! Some of you may have seen these doors at Slamology, in a 2002 Denali with a C-Pillar. I had never run any Crossfire products, but SoundQubed didn't have any 6.5s for sale, and doesn't offer 8" speaker grills yet. So far I am simply blown away by the quality of both the doors, and the speakers. The video really doesn't do justice for the loudness or quality of everything! I'll try to get a better one eventually. Right now all 12 speakers are on a single SQ120.4 4 6.5" wired @ 1 ohm on channel 1 4 8" wired @ 1 ohm on channel 2 4 tweets wired @ 1 ohm, bridged on channel 3 + 4 Crossovers are 80hz - 3.15k for the mids, 3.15k+ for tweeters I have an extra SQ120.4 laying around, but not really sure where I would mount it. Also have 4 C418s sitting on a shelf, so I might throw one or two of them in here. I'll keep you posted!
  11. Just saw this post now. Nothing was done to resupport the dash. We'll see what happens😂
  12. That's pretty sweet! Gauge clusters were one of the biggest issues when I had that 12 15 suburban for awhile lol. Tried to let my sister demo at a show once and she was inexperienced with RPM's, so when the gauges got messed up she just stomped on the gas and overheated the radiator or something... fun stuff
  13. Gonna need videos of these new doors Ty!😬 They look great, I'll definitely be hitting you up for advice when I go to glass my rear doors over Christmas Break
  14. I generally host for free on IMGUR and then use "insert other media" -> insert image from URL. Not sure if there's another way to do it, but I'm excited to see this build😬