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  1. I had two Ampere 9ks, an Ampere 7500, and a Crescendo 3500, but they all sold. All I have left right now is my lithium batteries (80ah homemade, 20ah JB, 80aH JB). Everything else sold this weekend.
  2. aaaannnnd build over my 4 years of college are finally starting to pay off and I've accepted a job in Southern California starting May 1 soooooooo all my car audio and eventually this truck are going to be for sale if anyone needs anything lemme know lol
  3. Chucked in a little Nendo 800.4 for my pillars but now I've got some nasty feedback, so I think the next time I get a chance I'm gonna pull everything and buy new RCA's and run them away from my other wires. you can kinda see the color in this pic they look real goofy lol. I'll be sure to take the time to get the right color next time and I'm back to having room in the hatch for my little house on a Chevy one of the Ampere 9ks found a new home... whatever I do next I think I'm going with Brazilian amps agin also got a little bit more juice on the way 100ah of lithium goodness now I just need to burp my HDS210s on that Ampere 7500 before I sell it
  4. Now that I'm going back to a normal system, I felt I could probably re-add my pillars without fear of them shaking loose all the time. I always disliked that they were black, so I went to color swap them. I had this color lying around, so I decided to give it a go. They came out a TON brighter than I was expecting, so it really doesn't match my interior, but it certainly does pop and look funky lol. Hopefully they'll fade on their own over time, but if not, I'll actually research the proper interior color codes and redo them soon.
  5. My roommate filmed one final video of the 18s while I demo'd them today for the buyer. This tahoe took a helluva beating. Checking out several suburbans tomorrow
  6. So clean! Is that an SPL Cartel cockbox or is it homemade? I might need some soon
  7. You didn't even post the coolest LED pics! I love how fast you're getting this build done now
  8. Yeah I didn't think it through. Thought I could put them in the garage, but my mom wants to keep her Denali in it since we're getting more snow this week so 33 subs were carried up two flights of stairs, and now I can't walk in my room lol Hoping I'll actually get a build I can stick to this time around lol. Should be going to Illinois next weekend to check out a Yukon XL.
  9. haha exactly. I just feel bad breaking such a nice daily driver. It also kinda sucks being restrained by having to keep stuff behind the 2nd row. To me, it seems much better to have one decently built vehicle, and then one audio vehicle I can just go all out on and beat the piss out of! 18s are already pending sale and it's onto the next build Got a couple Resilient Sounds RS 12s, two Ampere TFHE 9ks, couple 1100.4s, one 800.4, and 5 CES 320a hairpins. Just need some more batteries and a 2000 - 2006 suburban to throw it all in! I should've never sold my last one...
  10. Got a couple more videos of the system. Voltage is still pretty remarkable for what I consider to be very little electrical. My 1100.4 gets super hot (1 ohm per channel life), the 7500 stays cool as a breeze, and my subs get warm and smelly, but keep going. Currently looking to purchase another Tahoe or Suburban because I feel so bad beating this one up... and I made some impulse purchases towards a new build
  11. Just sold the last of my HDC315s, right now all I have left is working Obsidian 15s. Feel free to shoot me a friend request Yeah go ahead! This was all just kind of thrown together in a day, I obviously didn't put much thought into it lol I am kinda falling in love with the build though, so I might have to take it and make some boxes or fascia and stain it or something. Gotta run my sub wires through the box instead of the port... plus I have a 2nd alt and Ampere 9k on the way. hoping to hit a 55 outlaw when it's said and done
  12. yeah it's pretty awesome how many DIY lithium cells are for sale right now once we see some more feedback and a set of top cells emerges, it'll be really cool I love that I can demo for like 30 minutes straight @ 12v now, and as soon as I turn the power down I jump right back to 14.5v lol
  13. I bought the bank already put together from a friend http://www.electriccarpartscompany.com/New-Energy-20Ah-Aluminum-Encased-Battery I didn't know anything (and still don't) about Lithium, but he had like 320aH on 3 American Bass 750.1s or something and said they held up pretty good. For a $400 lithium, $100 AGM, I can't believe how well the voltage is holding on this amp. It stays pretty cool too, despite being pushed right up against the seats.
  14. Finally got to put it on real power, and I am amazed! Doing 52s sealed and 54s outlaw Haven't really found my peak tuning yet because... cheap RCA's. I noticed it sounded like some of my mids cut out, and went back to find that. They're cheap splitters I had in the basement, that I put in because my RCA's were only giving signal from one RCA per. I think my issue is behind the head unit, but I've been putting it off forever. Tomorrow I'll probably see if I can sort it out. Didn't really get any good videos, but you can atleast see my voltage in this one: 1 G34 under the hood, 1 G31 in the rear, 80aH of homemade lithium, CES 370a alt, and an Ampere 7500 @ 0.5