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  1. Decided to get some trunk space back, so it was time for amps to go under the seat 48" long x 13.75" wide sheet of 3/4" birch Amps fit like a glove. After about 3 hours of wire management I had my first ever setup where it seems like I semi-care about how the thing looks lol. Amps still have plenty of room to breathe! I drove for about 2.5 hours today beating on them with the Q4-120 @ 1 ohm and the 2200 @ 0.5 ohms and they weren't even hot. Hopefully gonna snatch up a single C312 and get to play with a 6th order design here shortly.
  2. Then we cut out a little cardboard to know how much of the OEM dash needed dremmel'd out. The backup camera (Pioneer BC8) was put right above the license plate and taaadddaahhh! Not too bad. 2 hours and 3/10 frustration. After the install is where the real annoyances came. Of course, since it's Pioneer, this HU has it's high channel (network / active mode) limited to 1.2k as the lowest. That was pretty much the big reason I bought it, but I figured a way around it. In the process I ended up blowing up half of my Q4-120, so now the only way for it to work is with channels 1+2 and 3+4 both bridged. So I've got 4 SSA Evils running @ 1 ohm now, and then the 4 Scanspeaks @ 2 ohm. I wonder how long it'll last. but my crossovers are finally set how I like them subwoofer - LPF @ 80hz Evil 6.5s - 80 - 450hz Scanspeak - HPF @ 450hz Sounds muuuuccchhhh better. The whole sound stage really moved up towards the windshield. So I consider it a success. I'm just really weary of how long that Q4-120 will last running at 1 ohm daily lol. I guess we'll find out.
  3. Haha. I drive it almost every night and morning, it's not too bad. The only issue is bicyclists since they like to hide near my pillars where it's hardest to see them. I drove by about 10 cops in the last 3 days while I couldn't row the windows down, and no issues. One of the local campus police stopped me after I exited the vehicle and complimented and started asking me questions lol. I'm getting a bit tired of the hobby to be honest πŸ™ƒ Definitely gonna be downsizing momentarily. Might get back into it once I graduate. ------------------------------------------------------ So anyways today has been hell with this build! Started out with trying to fit this damn double din in. I'm glad I do my own work, because the area behind my din area is such a mess I would feel horrible having anyone else work with it. To make it fit, we had to cut this steel dash support out of the way. Then to hold the double din in, we modified the old single din kit I had from the 80PRS: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHEVY-Radio-DASH-KIT-Single-Din-Install-Aftermarket-Stereo-Faceplate-CH483DK-/380459690289?fits=Make%3AChevrolet&hash=item58952a2931:m:mh_3seWIPhPj-bPRFpbrKcA&vxp=mtr Nice easy bolt on once it was cut apart.
  4. Went ahead and threw 5% tint on the front windows, over the existing 20%. Looks much better. 1% on all the windows and 35% on the shield now. I have a Pioneer AVH-X490BS waiting at home and a BC8 backup camera that'll be getting installed this weekend. Then I'll have a little more freedom over my crossovers, than the 80PRS offers. I've been without bass for almost 2 weeks now and am kind of getting used to it. As always I'm torn between going all out or just downsizing. I had purchased a Limitless 80aH lithium, but the seller ended up trying to scam me, so I'm working through paypal right now to get that money back. ;/
  5. I've got air bags for mine, I just have to put them on. Never realized how bad it was until I took that picture. 37" in the front, 35" in the rear
  6. They're a PITA to remove, so feel free to lemme know if you have any questions about it. I love how mine looks (minus the 2" drop because of the audio weight lol)
  7. I just removed mine last week and love it. Looks soooo much better. Nobody has complained yet, and my girlfriend is 5'2" lol
  8. Very cool thread... I just sold my AMM-1, and I've never heard of the IM-SG. Gonna have to look into and see what the thing can do.
  9. Whelp. didn't make it to the weekend. My roommates and I got out of class and went for a little bass therapy, and everything was going well. We were beating on them for probably an hour straight, full tilt on each song for like a minute, then swapping songs. Just metering, seeing how much air it could move, etc. All of a sudden mid song I happened to look back and my entire vehicle was in smoke. I didn't think to capture a video until most of it had cleared out though πŸ™ƒ So that's that. When I bought these subs, they came as a pair and the guy told me the one on the right was freshly reconed. In the past I've always just wanged on my subs and they've survived, but I guess this one couldn't hang. Clip city. So I've got some recones on the way, and 2 more D1 C315s. Working on a box design. Also ordered the 320a alt and the dual bracket.
  10. Well as anyone following this log knows, I tend to swap up setups a lot. So the 4 X15s already have a new owner πŸ˜‚ They looked beautiful, and I enjoyed the thick surround so much, but by wanting 4 cubes each, it was just looking like a super tight fit to squeeze 4 of them. I also learned that I really don't care much for lows. With the suburban moving a ton of air and hair tricking like crazy it's great, but in this Tahoe they were flexing everything loose, and just didn't have enough power or cone area to hair trick. I'd much rather stick to the 35 - 50hz range and feel that punchy bass in my chest. Plus at the price I paid, I made a sweet profit, and helped out a local guy who had been looking for some X's forever. I've been banging on the C315s again, and one of them seems to be going bad. My first SoundQubed casualty. It doesn't look like the coil is bad (from what I can see), but it sounds super scratchy at all volume levels. This weekend I'll finally go home, pick up the Taramps 8k, meter on that hopefully, and then probably go ahead and blow this 15. I've got two 10" aero ports sitting in my garage, the two Banda 7ks in repair, and Jonathan Patrick is having a sale on GM small case hairpins, so I'll probably pick up one of his 320a for $265 and see if I can't get this build loud like I had initially intended.
  11. I know right πŸ™ƒ 2 months and counting that my Banda 7k has been in repair. feelsbadman. Got a Taramps 8k waiting at home, just gotta go back this weekend and get it.
  12. So I got the box today, nice double baffled birch, kerf port. 8 cubes net, 108 square inches of port, tuned @ 29hz These subs sure look beastly! The box is 28" deep, which leaves me 6" from the hatch. That's the same depth of the boxes I have been trying to build, so it was good to see where the box would actually sit in real life. Since they're D2, I am strapped @ 2 ohms, rising to around 6 and clamping 1600w. feelsbadman. Couldn't manage to squeeze out a 147, but it hits 146s consistently from 30hz - 40hz I guess we'll see what happens.
  13. Actually got a ton done today! Finally got my window decals in, but they appeared too small! No matter what position we tried, my dad and I couldn't get it to line up. And the guy I bought them from wasn't able to figure it out either. turns out we had to cut the bottom 3 stripes off, and do the decal in 2 parts We did the passenger side first, and it is a little lopsided, plus has a few issues, but you can't tell from 3' away. The driver side came out much better! Worth the $50 for sure. Then I started tearing down my setup The box with the C315s bumps so hard it starts sliding all the way to the hatch, so I needed to throw my false floor back in so that I could screw everything in place. However, I wanted a more clean look than that black and green splatter paint I had, so out came the carpet. Muuuuucccchhh better! Then went in the 2 new batts and the old one, and my amps. The amp rack is much sturdier when you actually build it how it's intended to be built, who woulda guessed?πŸ˜‚ Still have 34" from the back of the batteries to the hatch, which is decent. Gonna be real hard to fit four X15s though. Tomorrow morning I'm picking up a temp box for two of the X15s so I can throw them in and get some testing going....
  14. Got the subs put in, but I'm kinda babying them since 2 are brand new. I sold my last C318 basket and motor today, and the guy wanted a demo so I gave him one with the 10s. Definitely felt like less than a 145 lol. Maybe tomorrow I'll meter them. The rest of my day was spent traveling for these babies Anyone who knows me knows I generally hate Sundown, because I think their stuff is so overpriced, but I have always loved the look of the fluffy X series surround. The guy in Muncie had the batts and subs at prices that just couldn't be beat. So my C315s and S210s are all for sale, and I'm working on a box design for the 4 X15s on a Taramps 8k to start, and may grab another in the future since they're so cheap.
  15. This box has been the worst pain in the ass I've ever had with car audio. So although the 8" port was much smaller, it was still too big to fit the damn flare on the inside It took about 2 hours of pop riveting, cutting duct, duct taping, removing, and retaping in order to get this thing to fit in there. And it is literally pressed into the box so hard. It actually doesn't look half bad, but I'm expecting it to sound like crap. Tomorrow I'll put it in, and then I have an 8 hour drive to Muncie, IN and back to get 4 Sundown X15s, and some batteries😬 should be some good playtime to break the two new subs in before I go full tilt metering them tomorrow