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  1. You didn't even post the coolest LED pics! I love how fast you're getting this build done now ?
  2. Gonna need videos of these new doors Ty!? They look great, I'll definitely be hitting you up for advice when I go to glass my rear doors over Christmas Break
  3. I know this is an old post, but I couldn't find anywhere else on the internet that had the answer. ^Strangeduck hit the nail on the head with his guess When you AMM-1 strapped amps, you do it like normal. Run 1 wire through the machine, then put the clamps on both amp's positives (one amp should have the positive wires from the subs [master amp] and the other amp will have the negative wires from the subs [slave amp]) the AMM-1 will then measure impedance and power from both amps COMBINED. source: Two SQ2200s @ 1 ohm each Juice box (34hz note the entire song) saw me rising to 5 ohms collectively (2.5 ish per amp) and clamped around 1500w
  4. IIRC, he's having a huge sale right now because he just got married should be $450 or $395 per 370A
  5. *cough* two CES 370a alts + 1 more run of 2/0 for positive and negative *cough* battery power. whatta joke
  6. Haha I'm still in the process of teaching the rest of my family to do it. Took me several months to remember on my own.
  7. Awe that dog is adorable! And wow I had no idea that the procedure would be so fast. I wonder if lasik is the same? Maybe I'll have to look into it
  8. I'm excited to see you get back to work on this ? Lasik is something I've considered, but I couldn't bear the idea of having to be awake and hear / feel / smell any burning in my eyes lol. How was the PRK surgery? Also, everyone knows it's obligatory on the internet to post puppy pics if you mention one!
  9. Damn those pods look clean now! Right after you persuaded me to pick up the LC1 you jump ship huh? ?
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