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  1. I thought this shit wasnt coming out till like the 19th or some shit.... mis informed like a motha fucka....I am.
  2. Just remember most of what you see in the main stream media isn't completely accurate, it is either skewed, to some degree at least, to the left or right. Plus, most people only get caught up in the negative side of life, and when somebody is doing good, they get jealous.
  3. Isn't he like some kind of rancher or something , living out on a big farm in the country... Can't say I blame him, sort of envy it actually. Thank god that a VERY well known actor like him can see past the hollywood machine and get as far away from it as possible.
  4. Yes I do... again, the search is your friend. There was another thread with the exact same topic title as yours.... http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/ind...3&hl=oznium
  5. I bought a bunch of cathodes and LEDs from them a few years ago.... Highly recommended by me....
  6. The unions have their place.... but they also are notorious for overstepping their boundaries ALOT. The union I am in , has one huge weakness... The railroads can not strike. Because Of this, our union is weak, and we get taken advantage of all the time. Our union leaders however, the guys that are at the top of the "corporation" , because thats what unions really are, are the ones who are making millions off of my union dues, yet my employer violates our working agreements all the time, then they deny pay claims that we submit for those violations. It literally sucks sometimes. The average railroad employee loses about ten grand a year for contract violations that dont get reimbursed. And the UAW needs to be bitch slapped.
  7. big signature^^^^ edit. Weird. 98hoeonsixes had a huge pig in his sig...then it just disappeared
  8. Look for a auto color store or a finishmasters ....both companies are autobody supply houses, and they both are dupont dealers. I dont know if they are on the west coast, I think so.... Either way, that is what you wanna find in the phone book, a autobody supply.... The Dupont chroma illusion is , as the other guy said, a three stage paint. I worked in a bodyy shop in high school, and I used to love to watch the painter sparay this stuff.... It is a lot of work, and it can be fucked up pretty easy if the painter doesnt know what he is doing. That is sort of a rarity now, since it has been out for a while, and most painters are more than familiar with it. It requires great prep work, and at least three coats of color and pearl combinations, and that doesnt even include the coats of a true clear coat. You see alot of thee paint jobs riding around, and honestly, mosto fthem are done half assed.... The shop I worked at had a Dupont training seminar there for all the local painters, and seeing the paint job done by the people who created the product.... I am telling you, it is a big difference in color change, consistency, and smoothness.... really one hell of a neat product.
  9. yeah, I may have to google that town up and make a call to wwally world in about two weeks....I am refinancing the house at the moment, and by the 30 th of april there may be a little extra cash in hand.... you are a bad man for tempting me so.... of course I will certainly see what is available in the area first, and I dont mind "ranch" being stamped on it. I dont care for the tactical look at all.... I am not a military man, and guns need to be just a little bit pretty to me, as well as shoot good. Cause, this gun will never be used to hunt. Range only, and minimal until the price of .223 rounds go down. I just love the look of it, and the stock finish to me has a bit of a "artistic" quality to it.... sounds dumb, I know, but people like what they like....
  10. no kidding.... damn.... I want the gray stock, stainless finish.... this one or this one... I havent really shopped around much, but this is very high on the next toy to buy for myself list....
  11. http://www.theonion.com/content/video/pris...pirals_as_price
  12. It is an unfortunate truth that alot of this countries economic problems are solved by the profiteering of war. World War 2 certainly helped to get our nation out of the red and into the black again, but is that really the best way to do it? With the cost of human life so that our stock market can climb? I hate knowing that is true. As far as the depression starting , and the stock market crashing, I read this a few weeks ago: Mental Floss Magazine ( best magazine out there, next to Wired Magazine ) March-April 2009 Volume 8, Issue #2 page 16, Article by Adam Rosen " >> THE BANKER WHOSE GREED INSPIRED A FEDERAL AGENCY About five weeks before the stock market crash of 1929, Albert H. Wiggin, the president of Chase National Bank , knew his company's stock was about to take a nosedive. Not the type of captain to go down with his ship, Wiggin sold 42,000 of his shares. Although legal at the time, the massive dumping went a long way to making Chase collapse, and by early December, Wiggin had made $4 million off his own company's misfortune. Spurred by Wiggin's actions and shameless greed, the federal government formed the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1934." I would say that stuff like this had a lot to do with how the depression got started....
  13. I am too buzzed to worry with a new thread. It is tuesday night. Patron is Fuckin Awesome!!!!! that is all.....
  14. X muthafuckin 2 !!!!!!! Great unit. around 300 -350 bucks. Ipod integration is excellent.
  15. If you read up on the paypal site, the biggest and most obvious indicator is that the Email does not have your name in the email. Paypal is very clear about this, if your name is not there, it is a fake. I bet I get one or two of these a week.
  16. For the longest time I wanted a cruiser... but these bikes just look so damn good. I think once I get the big charge card knocked back down to a payment that I can stand ( and help my credit rating ) I might have look at a GSXR 600 or a R6 ... ( I would be a crotch rocket noob ) The white is certainly a great color on that bike. Maybe a few strategically placed white LEDs hidden in the body for the night time.....
  17. this is awesome. Really making this forum into the BEST on the net. I will be viewing this section ALOT.
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