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  1. Jasper Jig is about .25 inches too small for the hole I need...Sweet.

    1. strangeduck


      put a 1/2" bit in

    2. CstrokerV


      just sand down the .25 inches lol

    3. SlamminBeats


      I was gonna put a hole at 18.5. Cheaper than buying a new bit.

      Every build has an issue!

  2. ^^^this. until there is solid paperwork on the situation i dont think anybody is going to point fingers and drop names. thats how people get shot. Was just going to say this. I think even most of those in "the know" aren't even entirely sure of the whole story, and no one wants to be spreading untruths. That said I still think the whole point of the thread went right over so many heads....the specifics don't matter. Just watch your asses, always. i think you're right about this.
  3. But isnt Dude B an idiot for sending the package?? I don't understand the sympathy.
  4. the detailed explanation is "be careful who you trust". Nothing more nothing less. but what about the details of said situation?
  5. even if he ratted someone, why did the guy ship it in the first place? Seems like theyre both at fault to begin with. such a stupid transaction... maybe im missing some details. Can someone just post a detailed explanation so we don't have to keep guessing?
  6. Now what did this clown do? Sell people some d4 subs instead of D2??! I heard he sent ppl funky pup cones ibstead of dc recones.
  7. If Audiofanaticz avatar is the guy, i'm pretty sure I know who that is, but don't want to call out the wrong name. Can someone just tell us who it is and what they did? I feel like high school all over again in here.
  8. I'm waiting to see if the MP actually works. Cant wait to see what stupid crap 343 has added to MP. I hope there are no perks or COD like additions. Its also pretty annoying that the game automatically calls out the positions of the opposing team. Maybe that didn't carry over past the beta?
  9. I can barely fit most 6.5s in my door. Im jelly
  10. Quote of the day: Ya basic isn't for me. I just upgraded my system have a single 12" alpine type e on 800 watts and two Rockford Fosgate 10" punch p2 on 470 watts going to add a 3rd Rockford here soon

  11. So, it has been almost a week and finally I can actually get in games. Now that I get games, they are not very playable. The games are laggy, the teams are often unbalanced, and 5v5 slayer games ruins Halo, especially on warlock.. On top of unfair teams you have to deal with the bad kids because the game is new and people are no where near settled into their ranks. Also, they plan to reset ranks once the matchmaking is fixed... so everything you do right now is just practice. Anyways, there is supposed to be a patch Wednesday. I'm hoping it fixes these issues, however, there are still plenty more to address. Anyone else have this game and getting as annoyed as I am? My GT is : P IL A T I N UM add me if you play.
  12. This forum would be a better place if typing the word "Hifonics" was a bannable offence.

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    2. OrionStang
    3. SlamminBeats


      there good for the money right? I just need one person to affirm this and ill be buying 8 !!

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Yes good for the money that's the word on the streets. Now start a thread with proof of your purchase!

  13. anyone selling fuse blocks or distros? PM me

  14. why do i feel like dipping my wheels a new color?... thinking of trying white or copper.. probably will look dumb

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    2. SlamminBeats


      theyre black with metalizer and gloss. Copper would look wack with my paint. im going to just make them black with gloss.

      im over my current color now

    3. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      How did that metalizer work out? Did it make a difference?

    4. SlamminBeats


      Yea a huge difference. It looks even better with gloss on it.

  15. what is the proper sander to use for projects with Fiberglass? Palm sander does not seem to be optimal!!!

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    2. audiofanaticz


      one with sand paper?

    3. thefourth


      Belt sander? Dunno

    4. SlamminBeats


      probably hands for this one. palm sander is just too big

  16. just dont short them.. if your trying to play car off then caps are a no go
  17. i wish we could ban people who waste my time saying theyll buy something then back out last second.

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    2. Swordlordboy1234


      I hear people who don't pull out are easy to get along with

    3. OrionStang


      If you dont pull out the first time, then you never have to pull out again.

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      lol, you guys are crazy

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