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  1. Whats good SMD, Its Been a MINUTE!! Got so much to catch up with yall... New Build underway! :D

    1. Kyblack76


      Hey bud. Cheers and welcome back man. New build eh??? Are ya doing more to red ruby? Or new plat form? Do tell. Welcome back man...

    2. Kyblack76


      Just re read your old BL. Saw the pic. You posted that on one of my FB groups, doors for days ya???? 

      I'm pretty sure I saw the same exact pic ;)

  2. Ya its going to have to. I am limited to shape, 3.5" would have fit better but i wanted the 4" and now i will have to make it look good. Still loving your system? Tuned it up the other day and I'm loving it more.. going to try and throw some polyfill in there to get some more lows as they are lacking just a tad... but the enclosure is on the small side... but for the most part I can play damn near anything (considering I dont listen to slowed music), I just want more authority on the low end for when I play songs like "Future- Real Sisters"
  3. It'll look good when it get s built up... not to mention, it's like your only choice for shape lol
  4. LOTS of Updates!! Super excited how everything is turning out and it's all coming to an end!!

    1. scooter99


      Looks great! Home stretch!!!

    2. Wood


      Thanks bro!! I'm SUPER excited!! Can't wait to fire it up!!

  5. I hope my body work comes out even semi close to this lol.. thats why I vinyl wrap
  6. They will be sealed. The left 6.5" hole is the map pocket in the door so that is sealed. Even though my doors are sealed up and sounded great in the stock location after all that work to deaden them. I will seal off the hole so its not venting into the door and will have a small sealed area of its own.Is there a particular reason you're going sealed? More mid bass response
  7. Thank you sir, ya all hand sanded. This panel had sitting for a year pretty close to being done. But still 25 hrs to get it this far. Slacker!! Lol ... Well at least With that time frame, I should be able to have mine finished by Monday since I'll have a lot of time to work between tomorrow, Saturday, post super bowl Sunday and Monday morning before work.. I was looking at all the spots I need to fill in today.. still have a lot of work lol but at least the transition between fiberglass and panel is pretty smooth.. just have to work on everything in between lol
  8. Ya'll did a GREAT job!! I would've been too scared to touch that sucker lol
  9. I could use a vacation to Texas before going to Hawaii. lol Thanks man. I have poly filler to help fill gapes to help seal them up once there installed. I enjoyed making them, now to finish them and get them in so i can move on to the door panel. Then everything else. You know how it is. I have about 75 hrs on them as of today. Thats whats up!! I was trying to figure how I can do that for mine.. I was thinking of putting CC eggcrate foam behind to help the backwaves, but one of my speakers is cutting it SUPER close lol like half a finger from the window motor close smh... But I'm gona try to have mine wrapped in fleece and maybe glassed by saturday (hopefully).. And I'm going to spend the next 3 wks (max) body working to perfection (unless I buy a palm sander to help speed up the process) along with finishing up some nick nacks!!
  10. Thanks man, i will post pics of speakers install tomorrow. Pretty happy with them. About 70 hrs into them. DAMN!!!! I hope my doors don't take that long lol
  11. Thanks, i start with files and start shaping. Then 40,60,80,120,220,320,400 on bondo, primer and start at 600. i did 90% by hand, Perfect!! I'll use this for my doors!! Thank you!!
  12. You can make them fit!!! that would be killer front stage!!!!!! It like what i plan to do in the Malibu this summer. Yes bro, I'm excited for my front stage.. it will have A LOT of vocal presence lol ..
  13. If the HSK130s are too big for my a pillars, I might be sacrificing my kick panels... hopefully I can get them to fit (oopps did I give our a secret )
  14. Thanks man, Ya midbass is clean and tight now. Sorry to hear about your build and downsizing due to issues. Any progresss with your system or are you done? Thanks for posting and Happy Holidays. Nice!! I know it made a world of a difference... And I'm actually doing the exact opposite, I'm upgrading lol I have my Northstar SMS220 on the Fedex truck and probaby around my birthday in march upgrade my soundqubed hds210s to Fi SSDs.. I'll be revising my build with the same equipment, so I'll be building a battery and amp rack to fit all my equipment in my spare tire well for a SUPER clean trunk... basically, no equipment will be visible except the subs and enclosure, no wires or nothing will be seen when the trunk is open or when my seats are folded down!! Also going to redo the body work on my doors and possibly paint them to color match instead of the vinyl!! (that part is in the air).. And thank you, Happy holidays to you too!!
  15. Sorry I been out the loop for a while, on SMD period, but man very nice attention to detail.. i'm sure the midbass and midrange is very clean with all the work you put in!! Good shit bro!!
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