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  1. Whats good SMD, Its Been a MINUTE!! Got so much to catch up with yall... New Build underway! :D

    1. Kyblack76


      Hey bud. Cheers and welcome back man. New build eh??? Are ya doing more to red ruby? Or new plat form? Do tell. Welcome back man...

    2. Kyblack76


      Just re read your old BL. Saw the pic. You posted that on one of my FB groups, doors for days ya???? 

      I'm pretty sure I saw the same exact pic ;)

  2. Ya its going to have to. I am limited to shape, 3.5" would have fit better but i wanted the 4" and now i will have to make it look good. Still loving your system? Tuned it up the other day and I'm loving it more.. going to try and throw some polyfill in there to get some more lows as they are lacking just a tad... but the enclosure is on the small side... but for the most part I can play damn near anything (considering I dont listen to slowed music), I just want more authority on the low end for when I play songs like "Future- Real Sisters"
  3. It'll look good when it get s built up... not to mention, it's like your only choice for shape lol
  4. LOTS of Updates!! Super excited how everything is turning out and it's all coming to an end!!

    1. scooter99


      Looks great! Home stretch!!!

    2. Wood


      Thanks bro!! I'm SUPER excited!! Can't wait to fire it up!!

  5. Ya'll did a GREAT job!! I would've been too scared to touch that sucker lol
  6. Thanks man, Ya midbass is clean and tight now. Sorry to hear about your build and downsizing due to issues. Any progresss with your system or are you done? Thanks for posting and Happy Holidays. Nice!! I know it made a world of a difference... And I'm actually doing the exact opposite, I'm upgrading lol I have my Northstar SMS220 on the Fedex truck and probaby around my birthday in march upgrade my soundqubed hds210s to Fi SSDs.. I'll be revising my build with the same equipment, so I'll be building a battery and amp rack to fit all my equipment in my spare tire well for a SUPER clean trunk... basically, no equipment will be visible except the subs and enclosure, no wires or nothing will be seen when the trunk is open or when my seats are folded down!! Also going to redo the body work on my doors and possibly paint them to color match instead of the vinyl!! (that part is in the air).. And thank you, Happy holidays to you too!!
  7. Sorry I been out the loop for a while, on SMD period, but man very nice attention to detail.. i'm sure the midbass and midrange is very clean with all the work you put in!! Good shit bro!!
  8. My dad had some old school rockfords in an IB setup in his 92 iroc z28 vert when I was little!! My dad was a car guy (obviously with that type of car) but also loved his music, so I think it's his fault lol
  9. YES!!!! I'm definitely entering this month!! Red Ruby got down with my old sundown setup... This would be RIGHT on time for my rebuild from all the problems from my last setup!! Thanks Steve!
  10. Thanks man. Hows your system coming together? No progress thus far... but I should be starting the box building process this weekend... next week I will be buying the rest of the equipment and hopefully finish up within the following week in time for a big show we have here in Texas called Heatwave
  11. First off I would like to say thank you to poorfish88 for everything! We both were interested in another member's amps (Karkov) which he had (2) CT Sounds 60.4 bnib... Although Poorfish88 bought both amps, he saw that I was interested and messaged me himself that if one amp did what he needed, he would sell me the other!! So he kept his word and reached out to me and offered me to purchase the amp at my convenience! I was a little bit short of the offer amount, but he was STILL willing to make the deal happen and EVEN THREW IN SOME REDUCERS I couldn't be anymore happy with the deal that was made! Packing was perfect, Shipped on time and product was as described (of course)!! If he has something else I'll ever need, I will not hesitate doing business with him!!
  12. Downgrading my system to give Red Ruby a cosmetic makeover :)

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    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I'm thinking of getting leather seats in my shit. I gotta do something soon, all these swishers burns all killing me

    3. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Those katzkin kits are pretty nice and somewhat easy to install.

    4. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      They are nice, but a little hard to slide on. I have that now in my buick. I can probably find seats for a couple hundred out of a wrecked SS.

  13. Member since Jan 24 2012- Dallas-Ft Worth, Tx (I actually lurked on this site for a couple years before joining lol)
  14. This weekend is GRIND TIME!! FINALLY the weather is going to be decent!!! I should be 85-90% done after this weekend!!

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    2. Wood


      Perfect!! So I'll know where I stand before the show!! :D

    3. juan777
    4. magillaru


      Hell yeah man....mid 30s here this weekend....going to be in class all day saturday but should be home in time with some daylight left....and then that's what the shop light is for!

  15. Hogs don't play lol my papa had some on his ranch and when I was little I used to always get chased by them lolbeen charged by a few. Not a good time lol Just imagine... I'm a city boy and when I went to the to visit my gp's, that's what I dealt with lmao he always tried "breaking me in" haha
  16. Hogs don't play lol my papa had some on his ranch and when I was little I used to always get chased by them lol
  17. Damn I wish I had the space and time to be creative like that!!!
  18. I'm jelly I don't have room much I can do with my interior to include something like this in my install Fucking altimas!
  19. ordered a fucking battery only to receive the wrong fucking one!!! its either wasted money and time on return shipping or wasting money and time buying new fucking terminals!
  20. Only if I could afford that Mobile Solutions Smart template kit! :'(

    1. rockFord_Expedition


      That would be sweet to have.

    2. rockFord_Expedition


      I do have a router and table, a few different bits, and lots of time on my hands. Oh the things I could do with one of those kits lol.

    3. Wood


      Bro!! I would go ape shit on my build LOL

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