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  1. If you're viewing on a phone, you have to click on the picture above while viewing the full version of the forums, not the mobile version. That worked for me anyway. Submitted a pic of my 2002 Intrepid. Hoping to go from this: to something like this lol: You like my super uber pro photoshopping skills? Thanks for the giveaway you guys!!
  2. Probably a Polaris RZR (just found that "mainly for offroad" now lol) Just google pics! We can't wait all night!
  3. Hey Steve, any chance you could try a 520nm laser on this stuff? Lol I know it's a dumb suggestion because you would literally have to take hours to do it, but I just wanna know how fast it would dry the resin in the spot you point the laser, and if you'd be able to essentially write in it with the laser. Just a thought that popped into my head when you said Nanometers are important.
  4. thanks, but you should watch me work and wait for the outcome....instead of giving me advice on what i should do I made it this far on my own Sorry if you didn't want any suggestions, but I figured "you have them, might as well use them... that, and you've got red LEDs in the honda and blue in the ISF", so I just instantly made the connection either way, can't wait to see that beauty panel finished
  5. Nice You should put those green LEDs you took outta the cabin into the box since there's a plexiglass window on it
  6. Voted! Btw steve, you're the only video in that category that has triple digit votes, the second highest vote count (when I voted) was 56 compared to your 303 (I was the 302nd voter ) Good luck steve :D Also, I think you should take the tahoe back there and do a take 2 video with the 30k watts! See if you can't shake a few windows outta their frames You got this in the bag!! I'm assuming they're doing a top 5 power junkies organization for the show, and obviously you'll be #1 I'll say it now, congratz Steve!
  7. Sweet!! Make sure you point it out to the rest of us when u find it! And also, (early) happy birthday!
  8. of course. No prob at all. I have MAJOR D3100 boxes layin around too so i can ship it pretty easily :D You should sign the battery before you send it so he can't throw it out when he's done with it and it doesn't work
  9. Looks epic so far! Nice work Steve, what's next on the list now that the kicks are in? Also, love the green LEDs!
  10. Don't we all wish we could do this to our work vehicles I'll bet there's a few truck drivers who turn their sleepers into walls, but I'm going off topic... Looks nice and sounds nice, I love those green LEDs too Think you're allowed to put rims on there?
  11. Oh, sorry, lol I guess I got impatient and went straight to the pics.. glad you can come through for him steve!
  12. Hey Steve, any idea how much he paid for that hack job? I hope he plans on taking some action against that shop that did that...
  13. So why are the subs different? You never mentioned that Just curious, looks good btw
  14. Agreed, plus if they did, imagine the influence on younger kids playing a first person shooter that realistic...
  15. What did u have in mind? I'll do it for free cuz I get bored easily Gimme some pics to work with and I'll put something together (My photoshop skills are still improving, but I'd say I'm okay at making stuff )
  16. I just threw this together in the last half-hour using google pictures mainly, but if you like it and want something changed lemme know (I used lvl 3 subs, but there were also lvl 4 and lvl 5 I could swap in if u wanted)
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