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  1. ABS plastic will shatter if you're putting out some serious air. If you have a daily system then plastic will work just fine. If not then a piece of steel is best, just bring it to a metal shop and have them cut the pieces you need and then bolt them in place.
  2. They already did.... http://www.sonicelectronix.com/about
  3. Well that was quick. Got the offer put in at 1130 and had an email in about 45 minutes. They actually offered me a lower price than what I had originally requested. Very very satisfied with this purchase!! Anyone thinking about it, just go ahead and put in your request.
  4. Just put in an offer for the Metra DP-3003, I'll let you know if they accept or if they counter. Pretty excited.
  5. Definitely a great buyer. After a couple pictures and some time he had the money sent through PayPal. One of the easiest transactions I've ever had. Thanks again man.
  6. It wouldn't hurt to have another smaller battery in the back for your amp. Maybe something like an XS Power d375.
  7. A gates belt approximately 0.5" - 1" shorter is what you're gonna need. http://www.jegs.com/i/Gates/465/K060908/10002/-1?parentProductId= http://www.jegs.com/i/Gates/465/K060910/10002/-1?parentProductId=
  8. I know that it relies on a resistor under the dash to control the DRLs. So Im going to assume this wouldn't work if I left the resistor installed.
  9. If your amps put out what they claim then these are some good prices!! Welcome to the Forum and can't wait to see your product in the US.
  10. If you're hoping to run a dedicated 16v system then you will need a 16v battery bank, step down module for your vehicles electrical system, and you'll need to have the alt rebuilt to handle a 16v output.
  11. I dont have any pics but I think she does, Ill check with her tonight when she wakes up and see if she still has the pictures. I believe the system was sold with the truck.
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