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  1. Frame the seats and find the metal bracing in there and drill the frame into it. Then you have a nice smooth surface to deaden or make nice instead the carpet or completely remove the tops of the rear seats and make a valance where they where and around the trunk. Just a few thoughts of stupidity from My head lol.
  2. Man that blows I remember doing some work on a bar one time and was out back clearing old growth of things and not realise I had been weeding poison oak rule of thumb group of three leave those bitchs be lol. Remember to clean all the clothing you had on correctly the oil can live up to 5 years on it.
  3. I wounder what you will come up with but I would love to see the old bucket test.
  4. I damped pro'ed my roof last month and I have an audi a6 I did 2 layers on all of the roof with the exception of the pillars which even though I was told wouldnt be worth it for the area over its effect I still did one layer over it. I had no problems with fitting the headliner which probably could easily take 2 more or even one more and one of the luxury mats the pillars on the other hand I wouldnt be able to do another on the pillar but I could mat the trim pieces themselfs. And I feel you not wanting to ruin a new car take your time all pieces and test fit everything.
  5. Headliner makes a hell of a diffrence if your like me you will notice its quite clear.
  6. My bad it was ment as a joke kinda poking at the fact he went after so many people and according to what I have read off of all the sites doesn't include the one that did it in his law suite.
  7. I am counter suing that douch, his mothers dr. and the birth control company for having conceived a low life like him thanks for proving how messed up the system is.
  8. I can not believe that he worded it so correctly to how I feel and not just take the stand I have a right to bare arms because the constitution says I can. Rather the point that he does to protect himself from threats both foreign and domestic.
  9. I think thats a load of garbage My reasoning behind it is the prefab kicker enclosure I have in the basement that I know was glued and brad nailed around the perimiter except for the board that made up the port which was just glued. According to them they use titebond. When I decided to use the box and sub I wanted to see the sound I heard when I used it last and when I poped the top off gently I was astonished to see the port wall was completely free with the exception of where it met the side of the box. the glue had seperated on the top and bottom from the year of use. I will never use just glue even if I fiberglassed inside and out I will always use screws and brads.
  10. Not sure how good there mdf and a word of caution stay away from the hardwood plywood if you want to go that route later its complete garbage or atleast over here the layers seperate with a furry. And you can by a full sheet and they usually will rip it down to what ever size you want meaning it ripping it in half , and have carts for easy move to the car lol.
  11. Oh and if your going for clean and decently loud I love My Focal 165 KRX2's I have two sets both fronts and rears and waiting on My KRX3's to add with the krx2's in the front door. And after the amps would of cost me 4.5 k lol
  12. No budget ? I think thats probably not correct but the main question is going for super loud mids or clean and remember the two extreams could sink you 5k easy on them.
  13. I have tried to calc the numbers out quite a few times with the dimensions you have I in no way can make a port fit for anything less then 48 hz maybe some one can come up with one with an external aero?
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