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  1. I know the T3's are an amazing product. I think sonic was selling them quite cheap? When we were putting them in a car I think we sat and looked them over for about 10 minutes. Defiantly a cool little mid that sounded amazing.
  2. I built mine with a slot port tuned to 40hz. Also built a box for three with the recommended port in the recommended volume for all of them and it hit lows but didnt really like anything besides that. Id still with the slot port. Ill get you some measurements of the port if your interested? The three 8's http://littleguysdoingbigthings.tumblr.com/post/28897103504/for-orus And the single 8 for the girl http://littleguysdoingbigthings.tumblr.com/post/28691322019/theenjoyablethings-lace-twill-subs
  3. 4 18's in a T-line? Havent seen that. With a kurfed port along the back doors sending the air along the roof and off the windshield? Tune a few Hz's higher then the FS and call it good hahaha
  4. all you have to do is drill 4 holes, 4 brass screws, 12 washers, 4 nuts the four wingnuts to finish it off. Unless you glued the sub in...?
  5. Nope not a thing. Doesnt effect the current at all, or anything to be concerned about.
  6. Efficiency(; things do warm up with dirty songs but other then that plays forever.
  7. Ran under the right rear seat. College is taking up most of our time right now, but Ill ask him if hes down for me to take some pictures of everything.
  8. I'm sure you'll get there someday. You have an EG hatch? those cars take nothing to get loud, grab another Skar!
  9. Already stated the the amp and sub setup. Have three XS's and a AQ 120.4, Q-Logic Kicks. Duel DC Power 300 amp alty's that hold between 13.8-14.5 full tilt, at half Ohm(; Hands down one of the cleanest install I've witnessed in a truck. All Knu OFC wires, DD and CC-1 everything in the car. We demo the car for hours when people and friends want to hear it and not a single thing gets hot. Here are some pictures of the box and DC's http://littleguysdoi...496846/joes-hoe
  10. Here's a buddy's Tahoe with a few AQ 3500's and A few more PSI/AQ 15's. Enjoy!
  11. Run some solder under a 60amp and call it good. This guy lol...why not just hide a copper bar there also..... pretty sure that's cheating i don't run fuses never have..thats cheating Im aware. I am not guilty of this, but it is a route some take to Sand Bag a class which we all know is no better then running a lower fuse rating as well..
  12. More port area, right now you currently have 9-10" or Pa to Cube. Need between 12-16" on average. So pretty much make the dimensions of the port smaller, as its going to mostly free air the subs, but make it longer to gain more Port area per cubic feet. Spl mainly revolves around three things; how you designed the system, how efficient the system is, and what amount of power you through at it. You need efficiency in order to put the power to use. I.e. a glass like finish inside the box, 45's placed in proper places, sanded corners, blah blah blah. The less effort the sub has to use to move air a higher score will produce. Pretty isnt always loud.
  13. Run some solder under a 60amp and call it good.
  14. The only thing I can think of that you need is another fuse at the rear battery..and a Big 3. But I may have missed that in the post, Im tired.
  15. Depends on what type of bandpass the box is. Most 6th order build tune the back chamber low(below 35) and the front chamber gets tuned high(above 40). Regardless of how you tune it bandpass boxes are efficient, but the box performs how you build it. So its best to take your time and do it right.
  16. Here is our buddy's blazer with 4 of their 15's And space management and a loud system dont go together, so forget about the back seats..
  17. Got both of my Tragus piercings done last night for my birthday. Hurt like hell, first piercing I have ever gotten. But pretty stoked. The girlfriend came threw on it. Anyone else have them done? Curious whats a good site to order jewelry from.
  18. Heres some more of the "chillstep" that you guys like. Dont wanna be a Hipster, but this is from the good ol' days of dub. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktu81fJVnWI
  19. Im to lazy to find a link to this song, and Id figure this would be more interesting to watch anyways haha http://video.mpora.com/watch/dMdLSNhaP/
  20. Some nice stuff in there Sir. Im going to have to disagree on the rap stuff though. I can agree on the same story different beat, but that is in the mainstream world. I bet if you maybe to a deeper look into the old school stuff you can find some good stuff. It be like me saying Country is just about Horses, girls leaving, and sipping Bud. Haha its ignorance to the music. Try this?
  21. What do you guys listen to? I know we like Waka, Young Jeezy and the others for the basslines and seeing how loud it is..But what music do you listen to relax or after work? I may be the only one on this, but the music I play in my car and on my ipod are two totally different things. So post up some videos and a little comment about the artist. Always down to listen to something new. Some rockabilly-punk And some Blu, look into him. If you like real hip hop with record tracks Im pretty sure youll did it.
  22. Point made. But money is rather tight. Have day and night school...which means a vary scarce income. Ive looked into the hifonics and will propably go with the 1700 or the 2400. Just trying to get my bang for the buck.
  23. Possibly a dirt signal? I had a strapped set of amps that the rca's where touching that cause the same noise. Try organizing the wires to see what will happen. I know power cables next to rca's can cause the same thing. Probably not a lot of help, just some ideas to take in.
  24. The MDF walls are flexing, not the box moving..
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