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  1. Is your power run from the front going straight to the amp? Or do you have a secondary power source in the back?
  2. To keep voltage up, you'll need an upgraded alt *or* caps. Extra battery will keep it fed with current, but voltage will dip as soon as you get past your alt. Lithium also runs at a higher nominal, but if an alt is out of budget, I assume lithium is too.
  3. I'll parrot what White Lightning said. A tape measure is the best way... to start. Rough it in with a tape then make fine adjustments by ear. If your DSP uses time instead of distance, go here... tracerite.com
  4. Heyoo!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfYEluq2Q6ieBwEKWk_jpQ P.S.- y'all need to tell Steve and Tony to come on as guests. They duckin me.
  5. Bish! Didn't I tell you to include the same draw for both batts!? Nice test though. I know that took a little while setting up. But the different draws make the data difficult to interpret. Lithium is here to stay for sure. People were sketched out by caps when they first became popular too. AGM definitely still has its place, but I personally can't see using them anymore. The big knock on lithium is the entry price since it's a pretty good investment from jump if you just want to "try them out". But as entry prices come down and/or tests like these come up... more a and more will convert.
  6. If you're looking for "value"... you can't beat the MiniDSP.
  7. Seen quite a few comments on social media about these popping. Do not recommend.
  8. I think perhaps in the past these crazy sizes were just gimmicks. But with the advent of huge motors, gigantic coils and really great cone material (like CF)... I think they could work. Joe Price brought one to Scrapin the Coast this weekend. Flat wall. Pair of AQ4500's strapped to each of its quad voice coils. Unfortunately the coils didn't last long enough to put up a number, but Joe indicated it showed real promise for big numbers in testing. He's reconing so we haven't seen the last of that build.
  9. Not gonna lie... I've used industrial strength Velcro for mounting amps many, many times. That shit is awesome. But all of my installs are permanently temporary. If I was doing a "daily" install... I would look to something more secure. I'll parrot the advice above. Use the seat bolts.
  10. Check out MiniDSP. Very powerful and cost effective solution. And yes... generally the difference between DSP and no DSP is night and day.
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