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  1. KHA can fight his own battles so I will let him respond, but I will say that he is an extremely intelligent and highly educated person whose day job is acoustical engineering. This ain't his first day. He's also a very active and productive member of the community. I speak with him quite often. And that's the only reason I'm responding in here- because his wife is in surgery and I'm sure he couldn't give two shits about this topic at the moment. He's not one to shy away from a debate. So I'm sure you guys will get your drama fix soon enough. Yall can kick him around all you want. He's a big boy (figuratively speaking). But positive thoughts and good vibes for his wife, people!!!
  2. No kidding. Try it with a small box sub like the Ethos. My port was literally as voluminous as the net airspace. Nature of the beast.
  3. I can't see their box/cut sheet or whatever, but I know that woofer like 2.25-2.5cf. So their recommendation is correct and I assume the cut sheet is off. Build to to 2.25-2.5cf net @ 28-30hz.
  4. Morally.... I think it's bullshit. It's flat out misleading the uninformed consumer and tricking them into buying it. The whole "good for the money" thing is suspect too. Is it good for the money? Chances are that an amp with an inflated rating isn't going to be a quality piece of gear. So yeah... you get 1,000w for $100, but for how long? And with what sort of efficiency? Say you spend $100 on a "4,000w" amp that only does 1k. On the surface it seems like it's a good buy. BUT.. the thing is 40% efficient and drawing 2k worth of current. Your lights dim and now you buy another bullshit marketing piece- a cap. Now you're out $100 for the amp and $100 for the cap (or whatever those things cost) and your electrical is still lacking. You're straining your alt and digging an early grave for it. You're chuggin along in the 11's and now since the amp is low quality, it pops. So, what do you do? Repair it for $150? Nope, it goes in the garbage and you buy another one. $100+$100+$100... now you're $300 deep and still only have a crap 1k and subpar electrical. The new amp is still killing your factory 90A alt and it finally dies. Now you're stranded on the side of the road and hopefully didn't burn up anything on the car in the process. Hopefully you have roadside assistance, but if not... you have to pay for a tow. That's 150 bucks. Add another 150 bucks for a new factory alt. Now you're $600 in for a crap 1k and subpar electrical. But now you have a lifetime warranty on your AutoZone reman alt so that's good. You're back on the road and back wangin. But since you're the kind of guy who buys a "4,000w" amp for 100 bucks... you got the Install Bay "4awg" CCA kit and the grossly oversized fuse. It melts and you need a new fuse holder. Chalk up another 20 bucks. You figure it's good to go now and just wang out. You didn't spring for a dash mount voltmeter so you have no idea you're in the 10's when you're demo'ing and that melted fuse holder starts a fire under the hood because your 150A fuse is allowing way too much current for the crappy 8awg aluminum wire. Your car burns down and you call your insurance to file a claim. You tell them what happened and the insurance adjuster is a car audio guy and denies your claim because he knows you overfused subpar electrical with crap wire running a crap, inefficient amp. You spent $620 and lost a car... but at least the amp was "good for the money".
  5. My cheapo walmart charger will charge them from zero. Some nicer chargers won't. I just put them on trickle and let it eat.
  6. Oh... it was definitely found cutting. Lol. My table saw is mad, mad.
  7. What'choo know about that special stone infused SPL wood, yo?
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