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  1. Clear doesn't have much to do with it. Anything can sound clear. Its more of blending and timbre. Natural sounding and response
  2. Totally agreed. I went into this saying "2 way active with stock locations. $2500 budget" here I am 6 months later about 8 grand into it. And not quite done spending money with 3 way custom pillars and all sorts of crap
  3. Totally agree with this. A 1 seat setup isnt always best. You can make both both sides symmetrical and still tune to 1 seat. I have my drivers side aimed at the passenger and the passenger side aimed at the driver. This way it "looks correct" but also when tuning you can actually have a fake center channel like this without actually having one
  4. This does work with bigger drivers from my experience. The bigger the driver the lower they will play (in theory) and you get less beaming
  5. First one is never top notch. Its how you learn. Buy basic equipment and have at it
  6. Tuning is easier if you stage everything first. Tuning isnt something that takes week. An hour maybe. But as long as you get the front staged correctly before anything it goes quick
  7. Same with me. It's an sq build like mine. Nobody cares of it doesn't do 60s and floats bricks
  8. I was gonna say. When the wife had hers, I never saw anything called a leaflet I only rode in it once because when I got out after that I literally fractured 2 vertebrae. It was sold shortly after that
  9. I havent heard of a new sa set coming. But there is an ns series being designed now
  10. No clue. Local audio shop has them though. I see them there all the time
  11. Oh im just wondering. Only thing i dont like about the illusions is they dont like power. That tweeter is super sensitive Other than that its a great driver. Wish i knew you were looking for them. I just sold a brand new set a few weeks ago
  12. Please do. It would be much appreciated. Im just a dumb concrete worker and framer and floor installer and plumber. Electrical is not my forte
  13. I would like to know something similar to this. But with alternators Basically getting a bigger alternator and what size cable it needs for certain length runs. Because i cant fit a 1/0 lug in the stock junction box
  14. This is probably my favorite thing that tony has. I always buy them and make shit a lot easier and neater
  15. Ive been buying crap from tony since 2012 and its good hes close so its usually only 2 days shipping
  16. Yes along woth adel clips i think theyre called. Ill be adding to this thread this weekend as i have anothet 2 orders from tony coming in My biggest thing is people lay wiring all over the place and i hate that. I like wiring to look oem. So i bought probably 300 bucks worth of wire managment from tony in the last month just to make it look nice
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