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  1. Finally got put on a new project that isn't documentation! I get to design my first IC now.

  2. It's a really nice one here, kind of like out main street if we had one.
  3. The moment I got to tell my lab partner I was not going to do the honors project was amazing. Because, he is honors and I'm not and I wrote all the code this semester.

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    2. DLHgn


      God I hate assembly. Which assembly language are you using?

    3. neuspeedescort


      a month and it's due tomorrow. i support your not helping

    4. Krakin


      I'm writing for a PICF87.

  4. Just git my Oculus touch remotes in today. They are absolutely amazing.
  5. VR? are we there yet? it's VR ready, but i don't think anything any good is available yet. My "VR" is 3 1440 monitors in surround for now I fly flight sims in mine, pretty much the best thing I've tried. But my hand controllers should be shipping in a week or 2 and I'll start trying out other games that use those.
  6. For anyone that wants to better understand electricity, should be every single person on this forum if you want to be the one plugging in that amp. These are maybe the best books I've seen for introducing the very basics of electricity. These also encompass a little more than about two semesters of my electrical engineering degree without the bullshit it is having to go through the acedemic system. You will need to read the DC electronics book before the AC book, because if you don't understand DC you will not understand AC. DC electronic book: http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/DC/DC.pdf AC electronics book: http://www.ibiblio.org/kuphaldt/electricCircuits/AC/AC.pdf
  7. Because electrons have a negative charge. This is where it gets complicated explaining the different philosophies of electricity. You have the Benjamin Franklin way which is using current. Current flows from positive to negative. Thinking along the lines of positive being a higher number, but was later to be found out to be wrong. Then you have the chemical/physics philosophy. This method uses electron flow. Electron flow is the literal path of the electrons moving through the circuit. The most common way that I have experienced electrical engineers use is the Benjamin Franklin method updated with modern findings. Edit: To clearly state definitions. Current will always be positive to negative. Electron flow will always be negative to positive.
  8. Voltage has a higher potential on the positive terminal, if you cut off the highest potential then you are left with ground (most of the time 0 volts) and a floating node with the voltage of whatever air is.
  9. I continually get sucked into watching the videos of this guys Rag-time renditions of song.
  10. Its Arizona. Red means no fire needed, drop your nugs on the asphalt, gather around and inhale. Arkansas is only medical, not recreational.
  11. Burr Brown op-amps are owned by Texas Instruments so I would just assume it would be just like any other component when designing and just pick the ones that fit your need. They are nice because they have a lot of specifications that make amplification with really low distortion and noise while having a high speed.
  12. I forgot how crazy it is to have the worlds 3rd largest biker rally be hosted in your town..

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    2. Krakin


      If I'm wrong on it being the third largest it's just because I repeated what I heard there, could be wrong or missed a qualifier.

    3. Karkov


      no, no, I'm not calling you out. I am not a motorcyclist so i have no idea. To give you an idea I've never heard of that one, lol

    4. Krakin


      Oh I was just letting you know I didn't really know either, all I know if that I hear constant concerts from anywhere 3-10 miles away all night.

  13. He shortened the word you to "U", but left I'm as "I am". I don't get this person.
  14. Too much graphics for me. I can't understand you elitist people.
  15. Presets mean nothing. Every car is going to have a different acoustic footprint anyway. The best thing to do is buy a $50 SPL mic and use a free RTA software like RoomEQ and just EQ your system.
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