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  1. i gotta ask how hard was it to get those headers off? I wanna wrap mine but bolts/nuts look so rough/rusted I'm thinking I will break them using an impact or breaker bar.
  2. I know XS makes great batteries,wasn't saying that. Just odd to see the XS aluminum battery tray full of dried up corrosion the D1200 was sitting in and the D3400 failed after being under the hood for 3 years. I still have another D3400 BNIB that I got couple years ago so I'm gonna stuff it in the cab with the 1200 if I can fit them both in there and after I confirm D1200 isn't leaking. As far as under the hood goes my 8 year old yellowtop is going there for however much longer it last. I wasn't bashing XS power,I just wanted to know what would cause it and the only electrical issue I've had is one of the 2 ground wires melting by exhaust manifold.
  3. yeah man it's been rough and haven't drove the truck in about a year due to engine/mechanical repairs. Gotta get my spirits up badly so doing some audio work ought to do it.
  4. Sounds like a bad ground problem IMO. But also what brand is your alt? As bcbrassard said.
  5. After that I found that my driver side carpet was soaking wet because door seal is leaking when it rains so I pulled back the carpet to find this. I've already cleaned the floors with bleach water one time and going to do it again as well. Turns out it's the carpet padding that has the mildew and mold on it so I tore it off the carpet and will try to get more foam padding from local fabric store or install carpet w/o the under padding.
  6. I found my rear D1200 like this which appears it's somehow been leaking onto the battery hold down. It sucks because the D3400 I've been using under the hood drops voltage under load like when cranking truck and of course they do it right at the 3 year warranty from XS Power. Put my 9 year old Optima yellow top back in and fired right up,I've still got another BNIB D3400 but I don't think I'm going to use any XS Power anymore. I haven't contacted XS Power yet as I think it will do no good being both batteries failed right after the warranty time but I might just so I can send them the batteries for testing and find out what happened.
  7. This is where my strapping failed probably due to shocks and upper control arms going bad. Pretty much all of the tie wraps and other straps failed so one of the 2 ground wires laid against the exhaust manifold and melted all the way through everything. When motor was recently removed to be machined the mechanic told me the wire wasn't melted through and he put $40 worth of heat shield wrap to cover it up. I've already removed all wires and doing some other things to prevent this in the future. I'll post pics and details of ideas I'm coming up with soon.
  8. Had some truck issues that caused some wiring problems so gutted everything and hopefully updating soon.
  9. what's up man?? been reading up a little, done anything new to your ride?

  10. I'd like to get a pair of the 13" T2's but can't afford it. Probably not even if I sold my T2's now. Then again I really haven't been able to see what these can really do considering I don't have them in a proper enclosure still.
  11. Man this car just gets better and better every time I see it on here. Haven't been on in a while, kinda lost interest in car audio since I've had other things going on. I love your attention to detail, doors are going to be sick. Wish I could see and hear it in person.
  12. What's up brassard,I haven't been on here for a while since I've been going through what I have been lately and you know about that.. Well man that box came out great,color matches well. Break those subs in and wang on them... Good stuff dude.
  13. dude,I'm very impressed. Looks like you took your time on the wiring as I did and it looks great in there.. Sick ass work dude,now it's time to get started on your girls ride.. lol
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