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  1. Just hope his meth lab doesnt explode. Itll take the whole duplex down. Lol.
  2. Not necessarily most people who commit suicide dont get found for a while afterward. So noone would contemplate why until that point.
  3. Ha! Im fukn dead. Ik a guy who would probably do this. Second i seen it he popped in my head. Lol
  4. Just let it go man. It works. Ya its a lil beat up but u can staighten the mounting tabs. If your that worried about it get a black sharpie or paint pen and fill in the scratches. With the way ups manhandles shit be glad the terminals are intact.
  5. All this talk of rc crawlers makes me want one. I think i know what im buying myself for christmas this year.
  6. The OP talked to nvx he said. The amp won't work with the dd1 due to some new chips in them I guess. Ive seen a few different people complain about the dd1 not working but none with a video to prove no user error. Ive seen numerous vids of the dd1 used with multiple amps with no problems. Just because someone says they did it all right doesnt mean they did and it also doesnt mean they possibly overlooked something. Without being there in person a vid is the only way to see. I dont see how a single chip in the amp could affect how the dd1 works but maybe it does idk.
  7. Any pics or a short vid? That would b the best way for anyone to help eliminate issues.
  8. I had to read the whole thing cuz i had never seen this post. Should be interesting...
  9. Its dead at 11pm around here. Only people out and about after 1am are 2 cops and people on night shift.
  10. Anybody else watch preacher on amc? Good shit.

    1. Kyblack76


      I'm stuck on roadies atm

    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I caught the first episode and keep forgetting to stay with it. It seemed like it would be good

  11. Loving ps vue. Been veggin out on comedy central. Should have switched from cable sooner.

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    2. Skullz


      Yes, as it is live tv in HD.

    3. mathewyocham


      ^this. But unlimited dvr space and unlimited multiple recording too. Only channels we dont get r a&e and history.

  12. My buddy keeps his bedroom window open in the winter and closes it up. The rest of his house is like 50 degrees. I like the cold but i still keep my heat on 65 in winter. 70 now that we have my daughter. But ill wear just a tshirt and jeans unless its in the single digits. Then its a long sleeve thermal.
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