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NEW PRODUCT SNEAK PEAK! SMD AD-1 Amp Dyno - UPDATE 3/27/13 Spy Pics Page 11, 13, 14

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So this is gonna give you RMS read outs? What's the highest wattage the AD-1 can measure?

This product may help standardize amplifier ratings and stop the GROSS over rating practices of lesser quality manufacturers. Like BOSS and what not.

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we were discussing having a few of you send us a WORKING amplifier for us to test, make a youtube video, and send back (with a print out).

when its ready, we will do just that. Between Tony, Juan, and myself, we own tons of amps.....but it would be fun to take a few random amps from some members too. Hell, i might even offer it as a service once the time is right. This wont be a $100 device that anyone will just buy. It will be more on a professional level.

I got a used Pioneer PRS-D2000SPL chilling in my old amp box I'd be willing to send in.... :peepwall:

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D'Amore engineering ftw ! A distortion detector and now a amp dyno :good:

SMD D'Amore Engineering FTW. Just thought i would clarify that. We are a team in case you didnt get the memo. lol.

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