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I wouldnt even be apart of that group, once they said they are better than a oscilloscope, time to go...

btw, not alot of people can do 56-58s under the windowline in the cargo area and still seat 5....

power or not, its not something thats super easy to do, so if they want to bash, tell them to put up their TL numbers or STFU

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I can tune amps without clipping. It's easy. Just turn that shit to 0 and you're done. No DD-1 required. Thing's a waste of money anyway. :lol:

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there is some VERY hard headed people out there. Anyone who says a DD-1 isnt necessary is also saying an O-scope isnt necessary. Anyone who says an O-scope IN THE MINIMUM isnt necessary, is a noob. Forget the DD-1 for a minute, any reputable installer will at LEAST use an O-scope. Those guys in that thread are clowns. Hard headed clowns.

edit: I just realized that was quote worthy. Feel free to use. LOL (is it ok to quote myself in my sig?) :D

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I tried tuning amp by ear or with dmm, but it was much different from O-scope.

Is it possible to add more options to DD-1? :) like build in dmm, clamp meter, ect.

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the DD-1 doesnt have any add on options, sorry. It does what it does and it does it well. I wish my car could make me breakfast but it doesnt. It sure does drive nice though.

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:rofl: I just read all the comments and it gave me one hell of a laugh I think HaterGonnaHate says it best...Haters Gonna Hate plain and simple.

ANY and I repeat any reputable Car Audio shop owns an O-Scope no way in hell you can tune any system without it. As an installer there are shortcuts we have all followed when tuning by ear but at the end of the day I have seen a DD-1 work first hand on small and large systems not to mention people who thought they were tuned accurately and were surprised when the DD-1 made them louder and cleaner. I don't see how any of those shops he mentioned if reputable said an O-Scope is unnecessary its total bs. Plus the numbers they claimed to have don't mean nothing if they have no proof. I wanna see those numbers on the dash and show me some of these big systems you guys own.

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