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My TATZ - a closer look (fully healed) Thanks Bill Liberty Tattoo!

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RF for life eh?.. nice work. Can we ask about the names? or is that a no no ?

Miranda, doris, michelle, antheny??.. family? i understand if its your own bag bro.....then forgive me asking....

Miranda is my Daughter, Michelle wife, Antheny Son, Kay Kay son (Kaleb), Doris and Fred are great grandparents that are long gone, but NEVER forgotten. The portrait is my mom's high school picture (old black and white one i love so much)

Oh the RF isn't necessarily just a brand-stamp, it signifies that i got to go to Rockford RTTI back in 08...something not a lot get to do :) Plus Rockford paid for anyone who wanted an RF tatt when class was over for the week. I ditched my class project along with a guy named Mike and we both got our ink on haha....came back, my project was finished for me. So basicly, i only did half my project and spent the other half in the chair. :rofl:

Tsk tsk :lol: Man, I feel left out. I'm gonna have to get me some ink, I always feel left out, just unsure what I want to do.


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This what you mean? : )


And i thought with you, it would be family... i just didnt wanna drag up dirt... well done my friend

EDIT - and i didnt mean the RF ink was a stamp dude..... im bigger than that...also, i need all to know, that i was never at RTTI, i just got this T from a hella stud on this site, and read, and know all about it... thats all

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He did some great work on both of you, A while back I saw part of your ladys sleeve that you had posted.

I do think a close up of her ink would be sweet, looks like some hell a great shading with her tats from what I could see.

Thinking about taking the wife to get a new tat for mothers day.

We lost a dear friend a few years back to an O.D. and we already have a tat drawn up in memory of her.

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My feedback thread.

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Nice work bro! I want more tattoos my self. But my work frowns on that shit. But I will get more anyway!

Yeah, try being a teacher! I'm getting out of that profession though, wouldn't recommend it to anyone. My next profession will be on I can get some ink and not worry about my job.



Stock :(


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Looks great, and your choice to stay all in a mono-tone style suits you very well.

Retired from SPL again....

2016 IASCA Truck/Trunk 2 Champion 151.8db

2016 IASCA Truck/Trunk 2 World Record Holder


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I'm not nut hugging here Steve, however i will say that is some great art work. I'm apprenticing and have been working on my grey shading for a while now. i can truely appreciate the art, time, effort, patience and determination there. Props to the artist for sure. I also like how it flows together. That style of art is hard to blend without making it confusing. Well done sir

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i hate that itch for more! i'm not even done with my upper arm and already thinking about what to do next. They look nice though man. you gotta hell of an artist!

i was in the chair every 2-3 weeks for 2 years straight but after i had my stomach fixed (fully redone and blacked out), i had second thoughts of getting more. That one HURT!! Im not gonna lie hahah. I am ready to get back in though, i really need to know what i want first.

I know excactly how ya feel bout the stomack. got one there myself. problem is im real ticklish, so didn't know if it hurt or tickled more...was a disturbing, and painful, experience.

Where does Burpleranger come from? My ranger is a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge, Sonic "Blue"

In a certain light it looks purple, but then it also looks blue. lol

Everyone's system is "the best" in "their own mind" (this includes me, even though i "know" its not)

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TTT! if you guys think that Bill did a great job, help me vote him up!

he is nominated for Sacramento's "A-List"

i just used my facebook acct. to sign up, it was pretty easy.



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