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Lexus IS-F Sound System install - Custom SMD VM-1/OM-1/TM-1f Dash Piece (update page 71)

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yeah your most likely right or it just wasnt hooked up yet, never hurts to ask tho. wasnt trying to cause any arguement or anything. was just more curious then anything.

i really need to quit looking at pics trying to figure shit out when im so tired.

i didnt mean any disrespect man. sorry if it came off that way. i understand trying to figure shit out when youre tired


baaudio Build Log

2001 GMC Sierra walkthrough

4 Mechman Elite 370s, 10 AGM batteries, 3 Crossfire XS v2 18s, Crossfire 8k

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Poor ISF :( ... its only been nice to you and look how you treat it in return.. lol, its gonna hate you and the second 2500


2004 Bagged Trailblazer

(4)18" Sundown Nsv3s
(4) Taramps HD10000s, Taramps DSP3000, Lanzar opti 250x2, AB 100x4
(2)DC power SP 270s, (14)XS Power d3100s, (1)d6500


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to answer your questions about the electrical system, yes i will be pushing it to its limits. I will add at least 2 SMALL XS power batteries to help out a little. The alternator is 180 (or 190) stock so it won't be as bad as your typical Honda/Toyota etc. Plus, when i set the gains, i will more then likely use a track that will keep my gains nice and low, yet EFFORTLESSLY pound the hell out of the SMD.

here is a few pics of random placement. It will be something like this with trim panels, clean wiring, the whole 9yards. Should be clean though when complete. I am hanging up my tools and heading up to Chicken Hill so no more work today.





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Are you going to put second skin or you already have deadener in the car?

Build Under Construction

Head Unit = Kenwood DDX514

Amps = Kicker 750.1, Going to install Sundown 1500D v3 and Sundown 125.4

Battery = XS D3400

Wires = Kicker RCA's, 0 Gauge street wire and Stinger

Mids and Highs = Stock

Sub= Kicker L7 12"

Alternator = 220 Mechman

Sound Deadner= Fatmat and Stinger Road Kill

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NOS is eating your real estate...(and yo tires)

What do you have in the trunck 2x 2500, 1000-4 or 600-4 and a 400-2

Any way to use matching 4 Channel amps for symmetry of the layout? or will the panel cover most of the bottom amps?

I may not slam trunks anymore....but my trunk still slams.

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steve, where do you hear these rumors from? :nuts:

My current 95 Jetta Build w/

pioneer h/u

2 RD Sonance 10's with flatwind coils

2 Audiopipe apsm 1500.1s

1 Hifonics Brutus Elite 60x4

1 XS d925

1 Stinger spv35

1 1000 amp lead acid

50 ft of 0/1 ofc from Audiotechnix

all powerbass components, and coaxils, 4 sets

buildlog = http://www.stevemead...2-rd-10s-build/

My build for my wife. http://www.stevemead...01-f-150-build/

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