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SMD RCA's Now Available! Single Ended (Coax) and Twisted Pair (Differential Input)

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Damn. The price on my next system keeps going up and up. You got me sold though. No telling what my old mismatched rcas did for my sound quality. SMD FTW.

SHIT! I need to add a DD-1 to my list too.

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Seriously though, do you have smaller connectors you could terminate these with? I'm really interested. The set of cables I have now have slightly shorter ends and they make my deck stick out of my dash lol.

The rubber boot at the end can be removed, it is only cosmetic really. The strain relief for the cable is inside the barrel. This might help, or we can offer 90 degree adapters.Capture.jpg

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They look sick but my wife would kill me if I dropped $300 on rca's lol.

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Cool stuff, let me go do some measurin' and see what I come up with

I'm gonna hate

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Nope doesn't look like that will cut it either. Suppose for the sake of simplicity I'll look elsewhere for RCAs and skip adapters and whatnot.

Good luck with the new products! Can't wait to be seeing more!

I'm gonna hate

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Wow, definite homo

relax bro i was just kidding. I don't have a policemans Leather cap. I do have the construction worker vest and hard hat though. hahahhahaha

did mrs meade buy u that? :wacky:

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Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

For marketing the correct cable for the correct application.

Seeing "twisted pair" EVERYWHERE was getting old.......

I've got good old RG6 and its way too stiff. I've been meaning to look for smaller and more flexible coax and BAMM you guys bring out another great product!

A lot of people aren't going to know which cable they need, given 90% will be single-ended.

Any thoughts of a tester to help people tell the difference easily if the info isn't readily available?

Spoiler: Use a DMM referenced to ground. Probe each conductor of your RCA or HU ouput connection.

Play a test tone at your max unclipped volume.

If you see AC voltage on both conductors, you're differential.

If you only see AC voltage on the center conductor, and not the outside conductor, your single ended.

Really liking the innovation you guys are bringing to the game!


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by this weekend, i am going to have "Multi-Packs" available and they will consist of (3) 16' footers and (3) 3' Footers for each series (SE and DI). I will also have (3) 12' Footer (3) 3' Footer multi-packs for a little less.

Basically, you save MAJOR cash by buying them in a complete set like that. I will reveal pricing when i get the site up, hopefully tomorrow.

I am going to also release Y adapters too so you can have matching sets when the system calls for them. Within a week i will have those ready.

All SMD products available here! http://www.wccaraudio.com 

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