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Carbon a spammer, or legit (poll) :D


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  1. 1. Spammer or legit - Should he get his 700 posts restored?

    • Yes
    • No

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His post´s are not the enlightenment of the occident, but allright for a Forum like your´s.

What me realy intrest´s what kind of strang is to suppose Steve, i see no big selling, no 18+ question´s (and what´s is realy in the 18+ lol with the most we have absolute

no probs here in Germany), no rudness from him. The only thing i see that he give in his sig 3 States as residence, is that something like 3State Mafia a old SMD clan?

"in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty" Bob Marley

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Where its a little meh, to see a post of his in every single thread, from food to motors, and EVERYTHING in between, i don not think hes up to nothing shitty.

He didnt start selling gear right at 150, like i thought was gonna happen. Soooo, i think hes fine.

No offence bro..... We have had a lot of weirdO's of late....

This is kinda funny, huh N8 ?!?!.. lol...

EDIT - lol, and i miss read, and voted in the wrong direction....

Over 5000 post´s in less than oneandhalf year is still much as well Kylar.

"in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty" Bob Marley

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I had the question as well and he seems like a cool guy. Atleast you guys have all vetted him and noticed so I feel safe saying he just really loves him some SMD.

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