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Amp Test Tuesday: DC Audio 1.2k - Rated 1200w RMS @ 1ohm (Pre-Guesses - RESULTS page 10!)

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Used to have a loud truck

2009 Corvette Z06, H/C/I, 150 shot, g force tune, 730rwhp/690rwtq

2013 F-150 limited, MPT Tune, leveled on 35"s

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2 12" Jeff Vue Customs
1 set MB Quart FSB 216 in doors
1 American Bass 100.1 on sub
1 Hertz EP2 on doors
JVC deck IPOD control
Stock 105 amp alt
big 3
new build in Chevy caviler http://www.stevemead...chevy-cavalier/

last set up in the ZX2 http://www.stevemead...-current-build/

old build log http://www.stevemead...-1998-ford-zx2/

Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, debt is the money of slaves. Just my .02c

that shop needs keep those doors open so they have to charge for it

if people think 10k is a lot then they should get into other hobbies.. like masturbating, cause any hobby cost money to maintain

Lol no, I'm smarter than that bro haha. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..............go fuck yourself lol

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Dorm room setup:

SQ SDC2.5 12" @ 8 ohms

Klipsch 300 watt home theater sub amp

Marantz 1030 amplifier

Future car build:

Audio Technix 1200.1d

Fi SSD 12 w/ cooling and flatwind coil

6th order dual reflex enclosure

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UnCert: 1305 into 1ohm @ 14.5

Cert: 1380 into 1ohm @ 14.5

Burst: 1400 into 1ohm @ 14.5

Total: 4085

lets see what happens... :nuts:

00' Volvo S40 T4 MT :)
Front stage: 4 Morel Virtus midbass drivers - 2 Seas 27TDFC Tweeters

Subs: 2 Elemental Designs 13A.v2's
Amps: Celestra FA2150 + FA275
Mono: Crescendo BC3500D
Wiring: Shok Industries Competition Series OFC 10
Canare 10AWG Speaker wire
XS Power D3100 + D6500

My build thread

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