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Amp Test Tuesday - CT Sounds AT1400.1d - Guess the # and win it! VIDEO RESULTS PAGE 10

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This week's Amp Test Tuesday, in case you didn't notice by the title, is the CT Sounds AT1400.1d.

First impressions. A very sexy amp. I really dig the white, it is a nice change. I also like the lit up logo. I love the bass knob with built in amp turn on/off.

there was one little issue. The box has ratings on the back that basically state it is a 1400x1 @ 12.8v amplifier. The book says 1200 watts and gives no voltage rating.

I tested the amp with my 12v bank which consists of 3 fully charged XS Power XP3000 Batteries. I also tested it with my 14.5v bank which, as you might already know by now, is 3, fully charged XS Power D1400 batteries. I use a single xs power, HF battery charger on each bank. They are only 15a. Not really much a "power supply", but they do keep the batteries topped off in between runs. Here is a link to the charger i use (the HF1215 and 1415). http://www.wccaraudio.com/xs-power.html?cat=10
I know in the past i referred to those chargers as 10a but that was a mistake. I don't know why i said 10, total verbal "typo". Anyhow, the extra 5a isn't making a drastic difference, it just charges the batteries up that much faster. If anything, it gives the amplifier 5a more of a chance to make its number. Picture a battery bank with a 15 amp alternator on it. :D

Anyhow, who wants to play a game?

Results @ 12.8v
Power supply: 3 XS Power XP3000
(Fully charged Once for all tests)
Impedance: 1ohm

Certified @ 1% Distortion: x,xxx Watts
UnCertified @ Clipping: x,xxx watts
Dynamic Power (RMS) @ Clipping: x,xxx watts

Results @ 14.5v
Power supply: 3 XS Power D1400
(Fully charged Once for all tests)
Impedance: 1ohm

Certified @ 1% Distortion: x,xxx Watts
UnCertified @ Clipping: x,xxx watts
Dynamic Power (RMS) @ Clipping: x,xxx watts


Add up all of those numbers together. Yes, all 6. If anyone here guesses the exact number, i will give you the amplifier. I honestly do NOT want to part with it. I like it. But if you guess the number i am looking for, it will be yours. As a bonus, if you are a GOLD, Silver or Bronze supporting member of this site, AND you guess the number, i will personally buy you a matching mids/highs amp to go with this. If you are a GOLD supporting member, you get the mids/highs amp, the 1400.1d and will also get a CC-1 Crossover Calibrator as shown in the video. Regardless, to play the game you must be a member of this site (supporting or not), and post your guesses HERE. Not on Facebook or twitter, but here in this thread. If you are NOT a member, its easy! use "facebook connect" and join almost instantly!

now, on with the pics! See you guys on Tuesday!














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My official guess is 10,227 rms watts. That is the total of all 6.

Good luck everyone! Sexy ass amp for sure.

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All stinger OFC speaker wire

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Tons of attention to detail.... Can it be perfect?

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9889 total

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