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SMD Tool Rental...Who would be interested?

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I would do it. AMM1 would be fun to play with.

Bro, rent the AMM1 and IMsg over a weekend or so, you will know more factual information about your system and gear than you'll know what to do with.

Killer tools.

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Id pay extra on an amp purchase if you guys would set the LPF to 80hz for me lol

but idk if the knob would jiggle during shipping

Although I could probably get it close for you, these settings are always going to vary slightly once the amp is installed. Also the HPF and LPF have to be set to min/max when tuning with the dd1, so it would be kind of pointless to be pre set.

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i did this on another forum and its not as common as you'd be lead on to think. grant it, it did pay for me to get my dd1, cc1, and amm1. i've since stopped renting out devices b/c the effort to track device out and those expected to come back was just too much. my pricing and time was fair but i still ran into issues of devices not being returned on time and people saying it was returned when it never was even dropped at the post office. it's way more trouble than its worth.

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if nothing changes, nothing changes

You don't know what you don't know, till you don't know

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Looks like there is alot of interest in this. I will start to get things together to make this happen. First step is DD1s getting back in stock.

Hey CJ, is your shop located in PCB? I would love drive down on a Saturday to use the dd1 (i'd be willing to pay if you charge.). Also I'd love to get a demo of your truck too if possible! Get back to me, or I could pm you for more details if i need to.

EDIT: Nevermind, just got my answer! your are located in NC :(

sign me up for the rental service as well too!!!

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im down for that i would love to get my hands on a cc-1 to use.

my momma always taught me to returen things in the same or better condition than i recieved them. Why can everyone do that.

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On 8/8/2012 at 4:50 PM, Brandon15zzz said:

I heard he actually graduated college with a 4.0 gpa. Seems pretty gangster.

On 8/29/2012 at 12:25 AM, ILoveBass21 said:

he could blow a sub powering it with a potato.

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Dang! I had been thinking and hoping for something like this for a while! This is awesome! No one within about 3 hours of me has a DD-1 or CC-1 and my car is getting the Trans rebuilt and I don't want my maiden voyage to be 3 hours away haha rental could be freaking sweet!

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so how are you going to account for DOA items? You ship it to me and I say doesn't work or vice versa.... You know the answer both sides are gonna say is, "worked fine when I shipped it"

also, who's interpretation of " normal wear and tear" is gonna be used? You know there's going to inevitably bd minor wear on I and ill be damned if I'm going to be charged for theme tool.

and as far as shipping I concerned, is return shipping included in the rental fee? Better have tracking and insurance as a must.

all these factors drive up the cost of mail order rentals and sometimes make the hoops and cost not worth the effort. In addition making a contractual agreement on an item sight unseen isn't always the best business practice.

have you thought out how long and how many rentals it would take to recoup your initial cost of the tool and how much longer after that the tool can remain in use to garner profit? Your time and effort have to be factored in also, its not going to ship itself and how much time and effort would it take to fight a deadbeat customer???

just looking at thus from a business standpoint is all. Great idea for a storefront, logistical nightmare for mail order

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Rolex you sicken me.


Just let me finish my pie

~ Juice

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