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  1. Good Seller here Just picked up an amp from him he kept in contact with me and let me know when he shipped it out provided tracking numbers and everything it was safely packaged too plenty of peanuts in the box would def do business with him again
  2. im down for that i would love to get my hands on a cc-1 to use. my momma always taught me to returen things in the same or better condition than i recieved them. Why can everyone do that.
  3. Little Bro took my Car to school for a sound comp. 148.3 on a TL my best score yet.

  4. thats not what i meant. i just meant that you cant place a company's reputation on the experience of 1 individual. he shoud definitly get treated the same as all those other 100's of customers. and you can read in the OP that they are trying to correct the situation. sucks that hes unhappy but at least they are trying to resolve their mistake. i just dont think its fair to say this is a shitty company because this one guy had a bad experience.
  5. Everything except send him an alternator that lives up to what they claim. As someone in the market for a high amp alternator upgrade for my jeep TJ I am thinking twice. You don't pay good money for a crap product. And you damn sure don't pay good money for even worse service. Mistakes happen, I get it. But mechman should have taken better care of the guy. Exchanging the defective product, making the customer pay for the return shipping and then using a 2week cheapest service to get him an alternator that also doesn't work is UNACCEPTABLE. In the very least they should have had the manager or owner of the company call him, apologize to him man to man and then sent that alternator out on oh say 2 or 3 day express? Not overnight but just a gesture of good faith. Even if Mechman sent him two defective Alternators, an on the phone apology goes a LONG way for this customer. I am small business owner. I would NEVER allow a customer to go through something like this without me personally doing EVERYTHING in my power to retain my good name. Integrity is priceless. You can't buy it in a store. Once you've lost it, you've lost it. Hey Mechman. You done screwed the pooch bro's. Wonder what the reviews look like for the Mean Green Alternator .. 1.Do you know what shipping to and from Hawaii costs. Most companies will make you pay return shipping on orders. and return it using standard shipping. and if its really that big of a deal ill reimburse him the $68 he paid for shipping just to keep Mechmans good name (i have no affiliation with mechaman just think they make a quality product and have quality service and i am willing to defend that) 2. while it is unfortunate that he got the wrong one then a defective one. thats just bad luck. you cant really pin the entire reputation of the company on this single instance. look and the 100's of other people who are beyond happy with their mechamn product and the mechman quality of service. 3 We have all received a bad product at one point in our lives. even the best of companies dont catch everything in their Q/C process. it happens thats what they make warranties for. 4
  6. you cant really blame it on Mechman. i know its frustrating doing all this extra work especially with a series of unfortunate events like that. but it sounds like mechman is doing everything in their power to correct the situation and get you taken care of.
  7. While doing my install this past weekend the positive lead on my DD-1 snapped off. i am wondering if there is anywhere that i get a new one.
  8. those samsung 840 are beassssssssst. i love them however i have a love/hate with seagate. at work i have seen 5 of them die within the past few months ( brand new drives) but i have never had one die on me personally. not sure how much use those drive are getting on that rig with a 1 tb ssd but im just saying lately seagate drive have not been impressing me. this could be pure bad luck/dumb user but with 5 drive in a 3 month span kinda make you wonder. (I hold no grudge against the drives or people that use them in light of recent events i have elected to not run them myself.... just my own personal choice) otherwise NICE FUCKING RIG DUDE
  9. this is my favorite ya, that ones good and printable for sure Thx just a quick note (in case nobody has noticed) the URL on this shirt is "www.dcsoundlabs.com" it should be "www.dcsoundlab.com" or "www.dcaudio.us"
  10. local comp today. took 2nd 144.3 not sure how I feel about it though.

  11. am I the only one who knows the bass line to my demo songs better than the lyrics

  12. Just ripped my car apart and it starts to rain FUCK THAT
  13. Why did I no know about this thread? You want to bail on the plans we made for no reason. FUCK THAT
  14. Gave my first real demo today. blew the guys mind how loud it was funny thing is I'm not all that loud. I'd hate to see him get a demo from some of you guys. either way was a great feeling to finally give a real demo

  15. hate not having the tools or the parts I need whem I need rhem

    1. tdsa23


      Same here i have parts in 3 different places.

  16. just loaned my DD-1 to the local shop. guy was thrilled about it

    1. SnowDrifter


      Good guy Maebros right here. They paying you?

    2. Lbox88


      You back stateside now? Last I knew you were in Africa or some shit.

    3. Maebros


      Yeah im back in wisconsin

  17. have everyything ready to put in my car now I just need to find a place to do

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    2. Rmichael91
    3. dog24fret


      I honestly feel bad for you now. It's always cold this time of year up there. How bad has the snow been this year?

    4. Maebros


      Idk Ive only been here for a few days

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