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Need somones help around bloomington, Illinois , nice reward

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So earlier today i bought a sax 100.4 fromoff caco who supposedly owns a shop called Renegade Designs in Bloomington Normal.

not sure if this is even a real shop, google says no so far. but anyways, i purchased the amp for $275 via WU giving him the benifit of the doubt (fuck up on my end ) but if you are around there and know of this shop please let me know , otherwise if you live around there and could get this amp he owes me i will personally WU,Paypal, whatever payment you would like of $100.

I know this is probally a dumb ass thread but im 100% serious lol

i have the guys name supposedly (Jeff Duhaime) and phone number which i wont release unless your interested , thanks guys.

Turns out he has a account here on smd also and goes by JDDAudio12, hasnt been on in forever but still.

Feel free to text me at 256-626-1534

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Dude you're fucking killing me. Stop with these half assed deals every other week


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A Real Voltmeter not a piece of shit stinger.

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If I were you I'd stop buying shit from people online

Thanks alaskanzx5 I might just do that
I can recone a sub myself. About a year ago I took 2 12" power acoustic mofos and made one sub. I took the magnet and the motor off of one and j b welded it to the other motor and magnet. I had to wind my own voice coil so it would work. After I was done hooked up to 2 boss 5000w amps. And shattered my back and all my side windows

came to this thread to recommend soundqubed and ct sounds. OP goes with soundstream.

oh lawd.

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