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3 way front stage and rear on 6 channels


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what sup fellas

im looking to going for a 3 way setup in my car. im looking ant getting the hertz HSK 163

the option will be 2 3 inch and 2 tweeters the pillar and 1 6.5 on the door maybe 2.

the amps are the sax200.4 and sax125.2 for the pillars. i know i can us the crossover but rather not and just get the 3sixty.3 to control every channel

my question comes here. how do i wire 8 channels of speakers on 6 channels from the amps?

i want to keep rear speaker to avoid having a huge rear deck empty

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you probably could run the back off of deck power...but why? I've only been told that rear fill only takes away from your front stage. you've got plenty of power....i'm with you on finding the answers though.

2007 Chevy Aveo Ls sedan

2 Sundown Xv2 on scv4k @ .5 ohm

2 pair RE XXX 6.5 components on sax200.4 @ 2 ohm

Big Three, Three runs 1/0 power from front to back, 1 ground front to back

Two runs ground from rear bank to chassis

XS power d3100 upfront, 3 Odyssey 2150s in bank

Singer 220 amp alt

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You need another amp.

Also keep in mind that the 3" is the weak link in the Hertz set, does not like to be overpowered or crossed too low.

really? wtf. those are the ones i really wanted.. what about the mille series

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Off the 200.4, front channels to comp crossovers with 3s and tweets only hooked to it (This will split the power between drivers). Rear channels directly to 6.5s. Then use the 125.2 for your rear fill.

I know you said you don't want to use the crossovers, but this is the best way I think. Fuck deck power.

No subs on this setup?

SMD Super Seller

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