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SMD Triple LED Meter Single Din Kit AVAILABLE NOW! Pics inside ***READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ONE ****

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Ordered the smooth black plastic one ABS some sneaky bastard added the MDF one too.

They look great Steve



right on man! ya we sent the MDF one too just in case you feel like doing something custom with it in a future date. Thanks for purchasing 3 SMD meters! Let me know if you mess these up i will replace them for life for long as i can afford to anyway haha! :ph34r: If i end up on the rail road tracks like a bum some day, don't be bringing this up. :rofl:

OH, and if you don't mind, post up a pic or two once you mount them in the bezel. I wanna see!

I'll definitely snap a pic when I get them installed and running. I need a 3rd meter though and am thinking about the TM-1. That or another OM-1 for my mids/highs amps.

I'll tag you on IG when I get a game plan.

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Just got mine in the mail!!!!

My opening is 1 1/2 DIN, though. Sometimes I want to find a Ford engineer and kick him/her in the teeth.

EDIT: Ill make it work.

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Steve is a real class act! Not because he is giving stuff away but because he is willing to help others in their builds and stand behind his products!

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GUYS, we have a small issue. The space between the circle on some of the bezels is .044" more than the other. Less than 1/16". :wtf:

But it was brought to my attention by someone i sent them too. He said "hey i think it's off by about an 1/8th" i checked it and was a lot less than that but DEFINITELY can see it. I know exactly what happened. I must have bumped it one click over with the space bar while i was aligning them in CAD. The computer i am designing on has an old ass keyboard and lame mouse so it isn't the precision i am used to when drawing....but it is close to my CNC so it is ok. :D Anyway, if any of you purchased one OR got one for free, please take a look. A small batch got out with this problem! It is 100% fixed now but i don't want you guys to do all the install work only to notice later. It isn't THAT noticeable till someone points it out.

VERY SORRY!! If your's is like this, please email me at [email protected] and we will mail you a replacement. TRUST me when i say it hurt me to throw away about 25 of them i had already made and were on the shelf :vava::angry2::worthless:

CLEAN SIERRA bro, please email me, i can see your's is off. Ken, i think your's might be too. Let me know what dimensions you need for that larger opening and i can make a custom one for you.

SORRY GUYS! but you know Ill make it right! :)

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I noticed the bezel and the circuit board clearance wasn't quite perfect and I was just going to modify either the bezel or the board

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