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2015 Chevy Sonic/Wall/4 15's/10K/Lithium/Large Case Hairpin US Alts

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9 minutes ago, ChevyBoy95 said:

looking good, just make sure to put a switch on that fan. Otherwise you will be able to hear it through your box.

I'm gonna have (2) of the 4" Seaflo fans on the sides of the box cooling the amps.  Thanks for the tip, I will most certainly have them switched.  I had (1) 4" in my trunk with my 6K and it was LOUD AS SHIT but dang it moves some air.

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1 hour ago, WalledSonic said:

I'm gonna have (2) of the 4" Seaflo fans on the sides of the box cooling the amps.  Thanks for the tip, I will most certainly have them switched.  I had (1) 4" in my trunk with my 6K and it was LOUD AS SHIT but dang it moves some air.

Smart move deadening the dash. It gets overlooked often, my Tahoe dash has never cracked because of this. 


I have 6 fans on a relay and can hear them pretty clearly, I fix the problem by turning it up a bit. 


Putting major work in brother, looking good.  I still think we (Houston area guys) should all get together for a demo session.  

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Man it's looking good. Your making alot of progress! Can't wait to see this thing

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My drivers side wing panel was basically touching the window, so I had to trim it down with the jigsaw.  Kinda late in the game for this, but its taken care of now.


Used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to adhere the Luxury Liner Pro down to the Damplifier Pro.  I know its better to leave it in really large pieces and drape it over the floor, but I dont have a lot of space in the cabin so I just did this instead.  Bricks for pressure while the 3M sets.


FINISHED DEADENING.  Gonna lay a new carpet in soon so you wont see any of it.  


Got some LEDs for inside the box.  The sticky-back is trash, but luckily, it peels right off.


I connected a whole strand for one side of the box with 4 connectors.  These things are janky as fuck, I dont know how people attach these inside a box without having a loose connection.  I may try to solder these pins to the light strip to see if that works.  Any tips are appreciated!  


Started the amp rack this weekend too.  I am determined to have this playing by Thanksgiving!



And just finished staining all the stuff in the trunk.  It looks dark, but will lighten up once the clear (spar urethane) is finished.


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formatting flickr pics
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Hell yea! Done by thanksgiving... you know that's next week right!? Lol hope you get it done!

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    • By Twonnie
      I'm looking to start building a battery bank since I bought a crescendo bc5500 recently and won't be able to use it for a while. So far all I have done is the big 3 in my vehicle with the stock alt and added two extra batteries. Some walmart battery a friend gave me and an xs power xp750. They power a Skar rp-75.4 and an audiopipe apdl2001d "2krms". I have two crescendo symphony sc-650 6.5" component sets and two sundown x15 v.2's in a custom box tuned to 32 hz. The goal is to eventually have a c1100.4 power two 6.5"s, three tweets, and one 8" fiberglassed in both front doors with three x15s walled off on the bc5500. I want to replace the stock battery and have at least 4 batteries in the back. Just not sure of which batteries to get. I was hoping to not have to spend upwards of 400$ per battery. I'm still a car audio newb so I went to the xspower website and typed 7500 watts in the audio calculator and it told me one d7500 and three xp2500s would be sufficient. Thoughts?? I'll post some pics / more info soon
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      Alright SMD, I think its time! I would first like to introduce myself. My name is Wood and Im 23. Everything i own and will be done (by myself unfortunately) will be from hard work and dedication and my loyalty to the car/ car audio scene. No hand outs!! I work 50hrs a week, own my own EVRYTHING (but sometime it feel like bills own me LOL ) so YES, It will be a slow, but very progressive build. I'm enrolling back in college this coming fall to be an electrical engineer with 6yrs prior service in the Air Force Reserve as an EE on the F-16. I am a car enthusiast and music FREAK!!

      Now on to the Good Stuff:

      My Car is 2011 Nissan Altima sedan. Recently purchased in Jan. 15th

      Visual Plans:

      Gloss Black Vinyl Roof
      Change All Lights To LED
      Stillen Roof Spoiler
      Projector Retrofit
      20" TSW Snettertons
      Eibach Lowering Springs (Install coming soon!!)
      Drill & Slotted Rotors
      Takeda Intake

      Audio Plans:

      Sub Stage: Fi SP4 15" Powered by Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp
      Mid/ Highs: Hertz HSK 165 powered by Rockford Fosgate T600-4
      Sony XAV 602BT
      Sky High Power & Ground Wire
      Sky High Speaker and Remote Wire
      Big 3
      Knu Konceptz Deadening , Audio Technix (For rear deck & trunk complete with 4 layers)
      230a H/O by Mike Singer
      Northstar group 34 (Front Battery) , Eaton (Rear Battery)

    • By mpulford311
      just got done with my chevy trailblazer build.  here are the specs
      Mechman 250 Amp Alternator 
      XS D3400 under hood
      XS XP3000 in rear
      big 3 upgrade
      0 gauge GP Car Audio wire throughout 
      heatshrink and lugs crimped by me
      2- Skar EVL 15's wired to 1 ohm
      1- Skar SKV2 3500 watt monoblock
      4- Skar PAX65 6.5's in all 4 doors 
      1- Skar RP 150.4 4 channel amp to the doors
      Amps are bolted down with socket head allen screws into spiked t-nuts
      fuseblocks are also bolted down with allen screws into spiked t-nuts
      Subs are also bolted down with allen screws into spiked t-nuts
      nothing moves 
      all lugs are hydraulic crimped by me 
      all heatshrink done by me  

      my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer only 56000 miles on it.

      Sony MEX XB100BT radio. It puts out decent power

      ripped out the wimpy stock speaker and put in the skar PAX65

      installed back in stock location modified the speaker ring BINGO 

      mechman 250 Amp alternator.  Out with the old in with the new.

      Installed.  Took more time to put belt back on.  1/2 shorter 

      under the hood battery

      big 3 done.  0 gauge GP Car Audio wire 

      couple of fuseblocks ran 

      starting of box build 3/4 birch 

      got the Skar EVL 15's fitted in there 

      monster box in back  LOL

      started some wiring.  box has angle brackets which is bolted to wood 
      and wood is bolted to frame the rca's are covering the bolt other bolt 
      is under battery.

      got speaker wire and rca's all tesa taped and zip tied down  even put a
      fire extinguisher in.  

      used 8 gauge subwoofer wire to subs and 14 gauge to door speakers
      all 0 gauge to amps.  Even used that Bluetooth voltmeter that ExoContralto
      recommended.  works pretty well. 
    • By 2000S104.3
      2000 Chevy S10 V6
      Running the stock 105 amp alternator and Duralast Gold battery with 1/0 big 3

      Alpine CDA-9857 head unit

      Alpine Type R components in the doors


    • By WalledSonic
      EDIT (10/23/17): SOLD  
      I bought a bank of 73Ah K2 Lithium two months ago.  I couldn't find more than a single bank.  Since then, I've sold my car and have decided to add 3 banks of lithium to my build, so I am buying all JY Power.  I already have 2 banks of JY, so I'd like to sell this K2 bank to get a third JY.

      The bank with the copper bars is the one for sale.  I made the bus bars, and the neat thing about them is that you can configure the cells in any configuration, unlike the JY bars.

      Here's a thread I created concerning internal resistance.  These batteries measure 3.3milliohms.  One JY bank I bought measures 3.3milliohm and the other 2.7milliohm.  So these K2's are in good shape.
      Here's another thread detailing a conversation I had with Cameron at K2 concerning the good health of these cells:
      Talk about boosting your resting voltage!  I had 395Ah of XS Power AGM installed in my car already.  When I added the 73Ah cells, the system voltage rose to 13.3V and stayed there strongly.  I ran these for about a week before I sold my second car and decided to go bigger.
      Asking $700 shipped to the lower 48 with bus bars included.  $650 delivered to (almost) anywhere in central/east Texas and Lousiana.
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